• Instrumental Music: Adventures in Equestria / Psychedelic Brony: Salty / The Night Will Last Forever

    Someone needs to hire Orchestral Design for full on professional movie soundtracks or something.  That stuff is just straight up amazing.

    We also have a new one from Psychedelic Brony, and some LUNA.  Enjoy!

    1.) Adventures in Equestria (Orchestral Design)
    2.) Psychedelic Brony: Salty
    3.) The Night Will Last Forever

  • Wallpaper Compilation #34


    Now that Seth isn't stealing my wallpaper posts, we can finally put best pony back where she belongs- on the header image!

    There's lots of really awesome wallpapers this time around. The one directly after the break is the wallpaper on my new Macbook. If you've been skipping these, try this one! Trust me.

  • My Little Investigations - Meet the Voice Actors

    The Phoenix Wright style pony law game, My Little Investigations, recently released a few new updates.  Not only has it evolved into a full on team, but they also released a four minute voice over demo, showing off pretty much every pony in the script.  They definitely have some impressive actors for this project!  We haven't seen any Mayor Mare's yet that I know of. 

    And for those looking for a more community atmosphere to discuss the project, check out their new forum!

    The video can be found after the break, and as always, their main site here!

  • PMV: Autumn (Derpy Hooves) Music Video Simpson's / Monorail Song / Ya Got Trouble

    Note: This post does include spoilers after the break

    I was going to wait until after the followup to post these, but people keep sending them, so to the posting with it!

    Below, we have two PMV's dedicated to the new song.  We also have a music video for Jackle App's "Autumn".  Go check it all out after the break!

    1.) [PMV] Autumn (Derpy Hooves) Music Video
    2.) MLP - Ya Got Trouble
    3.)  Simpson's Monorail Song (PMV) 

  • Comic: I'm In Yer Farm Eating Yer Dirt (Madmax)

    Click for Full
    Madmax sure was quick on the draw after today's episode! Poor Dashie, we won't judge you on your peculiar tastes, but Colgate is going to be after you if she sees you doing that.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #317

    FINALLY some Applejack! It only took a season and a half.

    Have some art in celebration!

    Er... actually, only four Applejack in this one.  She was still awesome though!

    As is the norm for post-episode Drawfriend, tons of spoilers after the break.  Go watch the episode! 

    Source 1
  • Story Updates January 28th (Evening)

    Story Update time! Drawfriend took a bit longer than usual, so the normal order is out the window.  Expect that in around 20 minutes!

    While you wait, go read stuff.

  • Comic: Scratch N Tavia

    These two sure do have a lot of fan content between them.  I think this is the third huge length comic dedicated to their crazy relationships.

    Check all the pages out after the break! 

  • Music: PrinceWhateverer - Lunas CAPS LOCK (PonyCORE)

    We haven't had a HARDCORE METAL song that reaches these levels of PURE AWESOME.  Your adrenaline will AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Rainbow Dash Belt Buckle and Buttons at Hot Topic

    It looks like Hot Topic has expanded their pony stock once again, adding both buttons and belt buckles.  It seems like they primarily focus on Rainbow Dash over there, and I'm assuming it's doing well if these have popped up.

    I originally thought it was a seat belt, but they apparently all look like that! Never was one for belts. 

    This 20% cooler pants holding device clocks in at $26, and the button is just $3.  

  • I blew it. I'm sorry.

    That HP setup was indeed a hoax, and I fell for it all the way. I didn't set it up, but it ensnared me rather easily. Looking back, it's laughably obvious that I should've been much warier and wiser. I should recognize such fabrications. Regardless, I accept full responsibility for my egregious mistake and sincerely apologize for it. I'm sorry, everyone. I got duped.

    My fatal flaw is that I illogically hope for all people to be straightforward and honest. Consider the somber reality otherwise a harsh lesson learned...again.

    Update: Thank you all for the support - most sincerely. =) Pony fans *are* the greatest people in the world. I'll carry on, and I'll enjoy the ride with all of you! For now, Tek out.
  • Comic: Queen Celestia / The Very Last Roundup

    Click for Full!
    Rarity and Pinkie Pie being edible above, and Pinkie being an idiot below! It's comic time!

    Click for Full
  • Story: Pony Tales

    [Normal] [Random] [Comedy] [Sci-fi]

    Author: Andrew Joshua Talon
    Description: In a world filled with magic talking ponies, there still exist things twisted, weird and bizarre. These are their stories.

    Pony Tales

    Additional Tags: Robots, Wordplay, Weird, SCIENCE!, Humor
  • Comic: Cutie Mark Crusaders in - Cuccotaloo

    This is the best possible thing.

    Just go look at it.
  • Hewlett-Packard FiM laptops (Debunked)

    Note: This has been confirmed to be fake! Sorry guys, gotta wait a few more years before we see stuff like this! -sethedittrixieisbestpony
  • Welovefine Adds Polo Shirts + More New Tee Designs!

    It looks like Welovefine has expanded their stock once again! For those of you that prefer things a bit more formal, or if you just can't resist bringing pony with you to the golf course, they have expanded their selection to include Polo shirts. 

    It looks like all of them come with a simple design in the upper right quadrant, so even the most silent bronies out there might be able to pull off sneaking some equine into their next high class banquet or job interview. 

    They also have a few new designs, including the Nouveau Rarity.  Check them all out after the break!

  • The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 - Discussion

  • Nightly Roundup #227

    Twilight Sparkle being awesome edition.

    Have some news while we wait for the new episode! Will Applejack pull it off this time? Only time will tell!

  • Pinkie Pie's Message of the Week

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    No Trixie this week! Just Pinkie Pie being Pinkie!