• Instrumental Music: What We Built / Once! / The DJ, the Piper, and the Cellist / Baroque Nightmare

    It's Instrumental time! The pony levels, they are completely random. Their genres are next to their titles. 

    1.) BRONYnumberTHRE3~What We Built (Instrumental) Ft. Fluttershy - House/Techno
    2.) "Once!" - HeyLasFas - Electronic
    3.) (MLP fan music) The DJ, the Piper, and the Cellist - Celtic Electro/Psygoth
    4.) Baroque Nightmare (Evil Rarity's theme) - Rock

  • Birthday Scenario Game

    I usually can't get into these, but ponies are making me feel adventurous, so lets do it!

    Pick your month, pick your birthday, and decide your DESTINY. 

    >no Trixie

    Yeah I'm done.
  • We ❤ Ponies Mare-A-Thon on The Hub

    The votes are now available for the final twenty episodes of The Hub's "We Ponies" Mare-A-Thon.  We narrowed it down for them here on EQD,  and now it's time to decide on what actually ends up on the channel. 

    Sorry it's a bit late, we wanted the official banner!  There are plenty of days left to vote though.  Head on over to this page  and pick all of your favorite episodes.  The Hub will be airing the top picks in a Mare-athon on the 11th of February starting at 6:00 AM Est.  You can vote once a day, so go nuts!
  • Artist Training Grounds: Mock War, Day 4

    Welcome back, recruits! I'm happy to see you're learning the masterful art of tic tac toe as a style of dueling. It's complicated and deadly, and it's often said that the only winning move is not to play, but my goodness when it's in action is it ever beautiful. Ahem. Today was back to what this event is all about - scrambling to get a picture made inside of 24 hours. It's hard, isn't it? But you've risen to the challenge, with 420 fighters with eyes of fire. That brings our official total for the event up to 1478 images! You're doing so well, keep it up!

    As always, here are your submission guidelines for the event. Remember to send your images in here, which you hopefully won't crush under the weight up your uploads this time. Remember once again to get the full image url if you're linking from DeviantART! And yadda yadda yadda, names and comments, you've heard this all before. Sorry that this is always the most boring part of the post.

    Day 4: Your Princess Is In Another Castle
    It's now been more than a week since the battles started, and each day has been much the same. You wake up, you charge out, and you scramble and try not to get the tar beaten out of you while raspberry jam flies around like so much nuclear waste. That is, until today. Today, there is no wakeup call and march to battle. Instead, you find yourself herded into a tent full of very important looking ponies. They give the briefest of nods before returning to the map on the table in front of them.
    "So," a purple unicorn begins, "What do we know?"
    "Well, as you are aware, several major objectives are handed out throughout the contest. And if I may say, they are worth major points. We've just heard about the largest of those: a surgical strike and rescue mission. It's time to save our captured princess."
    "They got the princesses in on this? Who do we get? Luna? Celestia?"
    "Er... um... no, not exactly. She's a... well, let's call her a 'volunteer'.  You met her the other day, remember? White pegasus, pinkish mane, tangled up in the auxiliary cabling? She was very eager for this."
    And now all eyes turn to you. It's all you can manage to stare blankly back. "Um... what do you need me for?"
    "Well, that's simple!" the purple unicorn smiles, "You're going to get in there and save her! Because our charts say you're the best of the... um... remaining."
    Assignment: Draw a pony on a rescue mission 

    Deadline 1:  January 26 at 7:00 PST (GMT - 08:00)

  • Comic: Squeezin' It Once Again / So, We Meet Again

    Click for Full
    Mickeymonster has been a machine with these comics! Once again we have Discord messing around with our favorite pony pals. When will his reign of tickles and tom foolery end?!

    Click for Full
  • The Princess Cadence Playset has Appeared!

    Well that was quick.  Just a day after being rumored, two full images have popped up of the upcoming Princess Cadence playset.   It looks like Shining Armor is going to be the first brush-able male pony.  I wonder where these two will actually fit in to he show canon?  I suppose we will have to wait for the season finale to find out!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #314

    This would improve power rangers so much.

    Have some ponies!

    Source 1
  • Story Updates January 25th (Evening)


    Have some story updates.
  • New McDonalds Toys Coming in March

    Note: These are the old toys, not the new ones

    Someone named EVN tipped me off in email about some upcoming McDonalds, so I called the them up to confirm it.

    Apparently another wave of ponies is planned for March 9th (though she told me not to quote her on that exact date), along with Transformers on the boys side.  They don't know specifically what characters/designs will be available, but she did say they usually try to release new sets, so hopefully something awesome pops up.

    I was also told that this is going to be a huge promotion, and they expect to sell out of them pretty quickly.  I guess our rabid collecting last time around tipped them off?  We didn't have much access to blind bags back then, so these and the five piece molded set were the only show accurate stuff we could get our hands on (Even if McDonalds toys aren't really known for their quality).    It sure was funny trying to sneak into McDonalds incognito style only to be called out as the third guy to come looking for ponies for his "Niece" or "Sister".   I'm sure it will be twice as funny this time around.
  • Music: GATG Rock / Find a Pet Jig / Sonic Rainboom

    First we have some Giggle at the Ghosty Rock, followed by a Find a Pet Irish song, and finally a remix of the Sonic Rainboom background music. It's about time we get more BGM remixes!

    1.) Giggle At The Ghostie (rock rearrangement)
    2.) Find a Pet Jig
    3.) Ikodo Moonstrife - Sonic Rainboom

  • Comic: Class Registration / Twilight Sniper vs. Bookshield

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    Pinkie Pie is just creepy sometimes.  Above we have Twilight Sparkle's school days, and below we have her in her 30's when she inevitably joins the red team as a sniper. I have no clue how her life lead to that, but it works.

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  • Story: A Filly's Wings


    Author: Jmozziel
    Description: Scootaloo goes to the park with her fellow crusaders to see the Cake's new foals. When she meets them, she notices that Pound Cake can already fly. This reminds her of her own inability to fly. She leaves the park depressed. However, a visit from Spitfire gives her an idea.

    A Filly's Wings

    Additional Tags: Scootaloo Learns Value in Wings
  • Comic: MLP Bathroom Emergency / Let's Get Down to Business

    Click for Full

    Unintentional revenge is the best kind of revenge Pinkie Pie! Enjoy it while it lasts.

    And Trixie joining the Chinese army below, because Mulan is awesome.

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  • Story: Punchdrunk


    Author: SuperGiantRobot
    Description: One wonderfully sunny day Twilight awakens, suffering from the tail end of a bender she didn't plan.


    Additional Tags: Pinkie Pie's Party Punch Pickle
  • Instrumental Music: Dodge Badlands battle theme / Everfree Mist / Photo Finish

    It's instrumental time!  First off, we have an instrumental from the upcoming MLP Kart Racing game from the ever-talented Makkon, followed by some Jazz/Classical, and finishing off with a Photo Finish electronic/Dance track from Silva Hound. Enjoy!

    1.) Dodge Badlands battle theme
    2.) Everfree Mist (feat. just4lolzz alto sax improvisation)
    3.) Silva Hound - Photo Finish

  • Story: The Magic Never Fades Away


    Author: Thyrai
    Description: When the light dims and the flame dies out, the magic inside us all will forever live on.

    The Magic Never Fades Away

    Additional Tags: Growing old, Philosophical, Conceptual, Bittersweet, Moving on
  • Wave Three Blindbag Update

    Source: Scraleos
    For all you lucky people over in the UK, the third wave of Blindbag toys is slowly creeping into the market.  One store specifically apparently has a few.  If you live near a place called ASDA Superstore, go grab some pony!  And send me a Lyra/Trixie while you are at it!
  • Nightly Roundup #225

     See above? Blame that for the late roundup. 

    If you know what it is, you probably know why. 

    Have some news!

  • Untitled



    I'm a filly.

  • Story Updates January 25th (Morning)

    Wow, ponies play D&D updated.  It has been forever!

    Have that, and more, after the break!