• Instrumental Music Compilation of Doom!

    More questionably pony music that is quality enough to post! So much coming in lately. Their genres can be found in the list below.

    1.) HeZeD and Code befriend Glaze - Cirno Invades Equestria [VRC6] - Chiptune
    2.) Wallacoloo - Favorite Task of The Season - HAPPY
    3.) Pinkie Rage - Dubstep
    4.) Mindset - Loudmouth - Trance
    6.) The End of Laughter- Piano

  • Fan Animation: MrPoniator's Last Renovation

    Click me to Play
    Another week means another flash animation courtesy of Mr. Poniator! Click above for another one his alternate takes on this week's episode!
  • Comic: A Derp of Bad Luck / Pinkie No-Jutsu (Madmax)

    Click for Full
    We've been flooded with all sorts of Derpy artwork lately thanks to the new episode, so here's Madmax's contribution to the madness! Check above for some more Derpy fun.

    While below we have yet another Madmax comic and, well, I'm not sure what to say exactly. Let's just say it's Pinkie Pie acting like Pinkie Pie.

    Click for Full
  • Artist Training Grounds: Mock War Day 1 Resubmit

    Ponies and pony artists, lend me your ears! After many trials, tribulations and setbacks including but not limited to power outages, personal emergencies, broken scripts, and very angry dogs, I am here to announce that the Artist Training Grounds is officially back on its feet! Please give a huge thank you and round of applause for the incomparable and recently christened (Riot) Reinboom for writing our new submission script. She saved me from Michigan, and now she's saved me from death by e-mails. My hero!

    You'll find the new submission site right here. Make sure you fill out every section, and it'll take care of the rest. If you need something clarified for any reason, e-mail me at phoe@equestriadaily.com. Sound good? Sounds good. Oh, and just in case you haven't seen enough pony art tutorials, have this amazing batch from our dear friends at the ATG Alumni, who were kind enough to keep the event floating while 1001 technical problems knocked me out.

    If you are submitting from DeviantART:
    You need to make sure you select the actual image url and send that. Do not link the DA page, or it will fail. Right click the image, select "view image", and put in the resulting page. Thanks, and sorry for the confusion!
    Restart Day 1: Draw a pony in armor.
    Relevant link. I know, I know. This is the farthest thing in the world from progress, and I'm sorry. But there were so many problems, and so many of you who missed out or lost the chance at getting posted, and I want to give you a real chance at doing this legitimately. So re-send your Day 1 works, or make a new one, or retouch your old one. Just send me armored ponies. You have until 7 pm PST tomorrow (we're primtime now. Yaaaaay). Then, Day 2. For realz. I promise.
  • Awesome Italian Pony Intro Theme Extended

    I'm going to go ahead and move on over to Italy now, cause this theme is amazing.

    For those that weren't aware, the Italian main pony song is completely different from the revamped "My Little Pony" jingle we have out here. They just straight up have a brand new custom one.  I posted the short intro version of it a while back, but apparently it has been extended to a full two minutes.

    And it's awesome.

    Also a new download link.

    And an mp3

    Translation of short version from (RANDOM STRING OF NUMBERS) in the comments:

    In a splendid, colourful, magical world
    Little ponies always live in peace and harmony
    They make the sun shine
    They make the plants grow
    And they spread joy!
    When you meet them!

    Go and fly! My Little Pony!
    If you want to meet new friends
    Take flight, and listen to your heart
    and you can face every adventure

    Go and Fly! My Little Pony!
    Make your dreams come true
    and don't stop!

    Don't stop (x3)
    Original source: Animecensura
  • Music: Autumn (Derpy Hooves) (Cover by Forest Rain) / Princess Addictia - Wonder / Giggle At The Ghosties (Glue Factory Remix)

    We have some remixes this time around! First off is a new cover of Autumn, followed by some Wonder trance, and a really creepy glue factory remix of Giggle at the Ghosties, dubstep style. 

    1.) Autumn (Derpy Hooves) (Cover by Forest Rain)
    2.) Princess Addictia - Wonder
    3.) F3nning - Giggle At The Ghosties (Glue Factory Remix)

  • Story Updates January 22 (Evening)

    Trixie, get back to China.  What are you doing in Twilight's library? That's just creepy.

    Have some story updates. 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #311


    Suddenly I want to play some Castlevania.  Time to mod some ponies into it! Get to work spriters!

    Source 1
  • Comic: Anchors Away / Deleted Scene from Return of Harmony

    Click for Full
    Spongebob references invading our little ponies, who would have thought?

    And Spike Vs. Discord below! Can he pull through?! Scroll slowly, it makes it more suspenseful.
    Click for Full
  • Story: Envy

    [Sad] [Dark]

    Author: Hato F
    Description: The story of Nightmare Moon is simple, and everypony has heard it. It states that Luna became jealous of Celestia, and tried to overthrow her. But, as Luna takes the time to reflect back on her life, and tell her side of the story after a thousand years of solitude, what will come to be the real justification of her actions?


    Additional Tags: First Person, Time Skip, Memories
  • Instrumental Music: "Spike" - Original 8-bit MLP Theme // Watch Out (Original Mix) // Pinkie Pie's Exomix [Voodoopony & Silva Hound Remix]

    Instrumental time! We have some 8-bit, some dubstep, and some house music!

    Fun for the whole family!

    1.) "Spike" - Original 8-bit MLP Theme
    2.) Watch Out (Original Mix)
    3.) Pinkie Pie's Exomix [Voodoopony & Silva Hound Remix]

  • Comic: May the Best Mare Win / The Pie is a Lie

    Click for Full!

    I was actually waiting for something similar to that first comic to happen at the end of the episode.  I'm afraid we might have shattered the already weakened dimensional rift if we got another "HOLY BUCK DERPY" explosion though.

    Though I think Pinkie Pie already breaks whatever dimension she pleases, so maybe they are used to it by now?  Poor dimensions...

    Click for Full!
  • Music: Dr. Dissonance - Order of Discord // Glaze - Beyond Her Garden (ArtAttack Remix) // Hush Now Quiet Now Dragonforce Remix

    Remix time! Today's menu includes... well, everything below! Om nom nom musics.

    Dr. Dissonance - Order of Discord
    2.) Glaze - Beyond Her Garden (ArtAttack Remix)
    3.) Hush Now Quiet Now Dragonforce Remix

  • Thinking With Portals: Prank

    Oh Celestia, who gave Pinkie Pie the portal gun?   We are all DOOMED.

    This flash comes straight from the guy that brought us all of those awesome Starcraft portraits from a while back.  Needless to say, you need to go watch it immediately.
  • Episode Followup: The Last Roundup

    So, that sure was an awesome Applejack episode yesterday wasn't it? Applejack, not Derpy.... Yep...

    Even without our wall-eyed goddess, this was a very strong episode.  Lots of action, references, and the good old slapstick humor the majority of us crave from the series.

    So lets get to rounding it up! Find it after the break.

  • Music: One Last Letter / Evil Enchantress (prod by sourze) / May the Best Pet Win!

    An original ROCK vocal song? We don't get a whole lot of that!

    Also a really creepy Evil Enchantress rap, and a remix of May the Best Pet Win! Enjoy!

    1.) One Last Letter (Feat. Bronyfied)
    2.) Evil Enchantress (prod by sourze)- Ibeabronyrapper
    3.) May the Best Pet Win! (Deadhor5 Remix)

  • Chimicherrychonga Compilation!

    I actually had all of these filed into the Episode followup post, but I decided to split them off and post them up separately!  A bunch of people decided to try cooking Chimicherrychongas up themselves, and surprisingly enough, it worked like a charm.  Check more out after the break!
  • Vermin Supreme Strikes AGAIN

    For those that haven't been following the weird Youtube memes lately, Vermin Supreme is a presidential candidate who promises a free pony for every single person in the united states. Clearly this makes him a superior choice over every other candidate.

    His most recent campaign ad is pretty much dedicated to us from the looks of it.

    Check it out after the break! And do bring your sense of humor.

  • Nightly Roundup #222

    Derpy is exhausted after a day of spotlighting.  Poor girl, she isn't used to so much fame. 

    Have some nightly roundup to give her a break!