• Episode Followup: The Last Roundup

    So, that sure was an awesome Applejack episode yesterday wasn't it? Applejack, not Derpy.... Yep...

    Even without our wall-eyed goddess, this was a very strong episode.  Lots of action, references, and the good old slapstick humor the majority of us crave from the series.

    So lets get to rounding it up! Find it after the break.

    Applejack makes slow-mo look good right off the bat.  From the start, it had an cowpony feel, but surprisingly enough, the rest of the mane cast sort of took over after the intro.  Maybe we will see a bit more of her in Super Speedy Cider Squeezy, but for now, Applejack is still stubbornjack!

    Lets just get this out of the way right now.  Derpy Hooves seriously came out of nowhere.  We actually had someone tell us that this episode was all her fault a few weeks ago, but tossed it to the moon with the rest of the random rumors we receive.   Who would have thought something like THAT would be true?  I can't wait to see what else they do with her in the future.

    Someone re-created the entire Derpy scene in Garys mod, and it was remixed a few hours later.  You guys work so fast...

    It looks like Lyra and Bonbon have been hangin' out a lot more now.  I doubt we will ever see anything past that, and they would never admit it, but I think these two may just share a folder in the RANDOM_BACKGROUND_PONY directory now.

    Mayor Mare sure does love money.  I am seeing that a lot in this show! Equestria definitely has an economy, and if Applejack winning first place is the only way to repair their town hall roof, it sounds like Ponyville isn't doing so hot! 

    I bet some of you recognize this one.  I'll give you a hint

    I'm seeing this one a bunch over at Ponibooru... Seriously guys, she's just standing next to him.  Please don't flood my poor drawfriend box with Twilghtxbgstallion shipping.

    One thing to note, that crowd had a bunch of new male ponies in it.   I guess they are trying to balance it out a bit more?  I'll stick with mares personally!

    We have outhouses and toilets confirmed for Equestria.  They may track mud everywhere, but at least these ponies know to keep their unmentionables in places where they belong. 

    Now for some new side characters.  This poor guy just wanted to celebrate his birthday.  What a hard worker.  At least Pinkie gave him some cake.

    And here we have Cherry Jubilee.  She might want to get that mole checked out, that's a pretty scary color.  Skin cancer isn't something to mess around with!

    We already saw this one prior to the episode, but for those that missed it, this is an I love Lucy reference.  I remember watching that at midnight on Nickelodeon I think it was... Good times.

    And this is why you NEVER break a Pinkie Promise.  Good job with the whole "Element of Honesty" thing Applejack... Yeesh.

    Of course, we can't forget the Chimicherrychangas.

    And I'll leave you guys with ten minutes of Pinkie Pie driving Rarity insane.  Tune in next week for Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000! 

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