• Awesome Italian Pony Intro Theme Extended

    I'm going to go ahead and move on over to Italy now, cause this theme is amazing.

    For those that weren't aware, the Italian main pony song is completely different from the revamped "My Little Pony" jingle we have out here. They just straight up have a brand new custom one.  I posted the short intro version of it a while back, but apparently it has been extended to a full two minutes.

    And it's awesome.

    Also a new download link.

    And an mp3

    Translation of short version from (RANDOM STRING OF NUMBERS) in the comments:

    In a splendid, colourful, magical world
    Little ponies always live in peace and harmony
    They make the sun shine
    They make the plants grow
    And they spread joy!
    When you meet them!

    Go and fly! My Little Pony!
    If you want to meet new friends
    Take flight, and listen to your heart
    and you can face every adventure

    Go and Fly! My Little Pony!
    Make your dreams come true
    and don't stop!

    Don't stop (x3)
    Original source: Animecensura

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