• This Just In: Mohawks!

    Well, that got Thunderlane's attention at least...
    Hot off the presses, Equestria Daily is proud to bring you this extremely serious and not-even-the-least-bit-silly news. It turns out beloved sea serpent voice talent Lee Tockar promised once upon a time to get a mohawk if he ever reached 2500 followers on Twitter. Not to be outdone, Peter New has sworn to shave his head if he reaches 3000 followers.

    Ladies and gentlemen, when a pony voice actor promises to maim their looks and humiliate themselves in exchange for twitter followers, they are making a sacred oath. It would be morally and ethically wrong of you not to help them follow through on their promise. If you have a twitter account, I beseech you, go find these two kindred spirits and click the 'follow' button. Don't leave them sitting in suspense! We're counting on you!