• Discussion: You are now a pony, on Earth

    A few days ago while bored out of your mind browsing EQD and other pony related websites, you received a mysterious e-mail from someone going by the name of T00tyFruityLyra1996.  Contained within, you find a bunch of random gibberish, similiar to:
    alsdjk';lkjss;dljkg';kltrho]';,lgnf,;'lqfwe;wdn   as;d;lkfdpqowefnu;njfeqw qpmoifqpoimqwe[iofqopmi qpwoemfpeqwmoifpiqowe qfpoweipioqfpio
    Using your college degree in code language deciphering and minor in psychology, you realize that whoever typed it had no clue how to use a keyboard, and was in fact quite frustrated while doing so.  Feeling adventurous, you forward your skype name over.  Worst case is you block the person, right?

    Turns out it was Lyra, and she desperately wants to try your fingers out.   She offers to swap bodies with you for a week via a spell she found in the Starswirl the Bearded wing of the Canterlot archives. 

    Sounds fun right? She takes your silence as a yes, so lets hope it is!

    Unfortunately, something went wrong, and instead of swapping and appearing in Equestria as a pony, your bodies swapped but minds remained behind!  You are now a mint green unicorn pony with a lyre butt symbol on earth.  Your computer was also destroyed in the process.  The spell should wear off in a week though!  Might as well make the most of it, right?

    In the comments below, explain how you will deal with a week on earth as a anime eyed cartoon pony!

    Hard Mode: You have a family reunion in 6 hours!