• Merch: Socks and More Shirts!

    Hasbro heard your pleas for larger sock sizes! The Target kid socks worked well for arm bands when cut, but we couldn't actually wear them!

    Spencers has added a full stock of them for 12.99 a pack.  images of all the ponies can be found above.  The actual sock sizes run everywhere from 9 to 11.    Hopefully you have some pony shoes to go with them! I know we used to be pretty huge on custom ones on some website that shut it all down.  Thanks to Dreaming Dusk for the images!

    Head on down past the break for more RANDOM MERCH!

    It looks like Welovefine is building up their army of brony artists for the holiday season.  Toxic Mario has joined the fray with a few new shirts.  We have some Twilight Sparkle, Dash, and Applejack/Big Mac right now.  You can find all of them at his store page here!

    The Bronycon Documentary also has a new shirt up, with Bronycon on the front and a typography of Rainbow Dash with all the people that contributed on the back.  Anyone who sent in more than $100 will be receiving one!  With under 600 people claiming that level of donation, It's definitely going to be in limited quantity!

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