• PMV: Cocktails For Ponies / In Color

    PMV time! The first one takes a bit to get going, so give it a shot.  The second is country music and pretty cool custom stuff!


    1.) Cocktails for Ponies
    2.) In Color PMV

  • Music: Mr. Discord's Song / Winter Start Up / My Little Dashie Freestyle Rap

    This time around, we have a Nightmare Before Christmas Parody (bit late, but not bad!), a Winter Wrap Up remix , and a freestyle rap dedicated to My Little Dashie by a 14 13 year old, because that just fits for some reason.

    1.) Mr. Discord's Song
    2.) Winter Start Up - CommandSpry
    3.) TheDumplingz - My Little Dashie Freestyle Rap

  • Story: Between a Rock and a Hard Place


    Author: RatherHomely
    Description: Will true love blossom, or will the rolling stone of love gather no moss? A Rarity/Tom shipping. Why? Well, because some idiot was going to write it eventually. Why not me?
    Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    Additional Tags: Parody, Odd, Romance?, Melodramatic, Tom
  • Twilight Sparkle / Dexter Promo

    Twilight Sparkle is best Dexter~. Seriously though, this is pretty neat. We have some really impressive voice actors in this fandom!
  • Flash: CSI Ponyville

    Click for Flash!
    Can't we have a cute, non-psychotic Pinkie Pie crossover just once?  She always ends up in that roll.  Poor girl...

    Anyway, this is a pretty impressive ponification of CSI.  Click the image for it!
  • Comic: Braaains! (Madmax)

    Click or Check after the break for full!
    Gotta love zombie ponies right? Just don't tell Spike, he's a little sensitive about the issue.

    It's a little more mature than usual so check it out after the break!

  • Music: Fluttershy Model Mix / Not Very Quietly / So many Wonders (Serial Mix)

    An entire music post dedicated to Fluttershy?! That's not too common.

    The first one takes a while to get going, but it has some really good runs. 

    1.) Fluttershy model mix (CK RMX)
    2.) Facexplodie - Not Very Quietly
    3.) So Many Wonders (Serial Remix)

  • Wikia Poll Round 2

    I'm pretty sure we already won, but for the sake of the poor EQD poor submit box, I'm going to post it again anyway!  Wikia is holding a top wiki poll.  It was a pretty epic battle between League of Legends and FiM for a while, but we seem to have pulled ahead.  As far as I know, the top two are the only ones really broadcasting it around the internet. 

    Hit the poll up here

    I guess at this point we can just see how high we can climb?
  • Story: My Little Dovah (Update Part 2!)

    [Crossover][Adventure] Do you know how many Skyrim crossovers we have received? It's so nice to finally see one make it though!

    Author: Gnir
    Description: Two hundred years ago, the Empire was shaken to its foundation with the assassination of Emperor Uriel Septim VII and all of his heirs. Now, when the once-great Empire is struggling to keep its holdings from crumbling away, Emperor Titus Mede II has secretly funded an expedition to a recently discovered continent. Meanwhile, a young dragon named Spike makes a startling discovery about the dragons in Equestria. Hoping to prove himself to his fellow dragons, Spike volunteers to be an ambassador to some strange creatures who were seen approaching Equestria. Can Equestria live in peace with these strange creatures called men and elves, or will the iniquities of a wartorn world be its doom?
    My Little Dovah Part 1
    My Little Dovah Part 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Long, Humans (and Elf) in Equestria, Alternate Universe, High Fantasy, Elder Scrolls
  • The Great and Powerful Clop Chop

    I actually had a Slapchop remix on my old ipod a few years ago.  That was some of the most hilarious marketing ever. I guess it is inevitable that it would be ponified!

    As with the source material, it is filled with all sorts of innuendo, so those of weak wills may want to avoid reading the image above.

    I don't have a source for it, so go dig one up!
  • Story Updates December 30th (Evening)

    Twilight Sparkle is best space explorer.

    Have some story updates.

  • Mare-A-Thons Tonight!

    A couple of marathons are going on tonight.  You can find all the information on the Bronystate one above, and the Mare-Athon Synchtube channel below. 

    Note: If you have a marathon coming up, please submit it at least a day in advance. 

    When: 5:30 Eastern, 3:30 Arizona (Blog) time.

    What: All episodes + Friendship is Witchcraft

  • Drawfriend Stuff #290

    I want this movie so bad.

    Have some art! It's a short one today.

    Source 1
  • Comic: Pony Winter Games: Snowboard / Guard Ponies

    Click for Full! 
    Ponies snowboarding? I'll roll with it I guess!  We did have a Rainbow Dash banner during the event that was pretty awesome, but that's just how the Dash rolls.

    And some CMC being obnoxious below.  Poor guard ponies...

    Click for Full 
  • Season 2 Episode 15: The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

    More Applejack!? It's about time! The full summary on this one can be found after the break! It's not on Zap2it yet, but the source has been reliable in the past, so lets roll with it.

  • Game: Between Dusk and Dawn

    Another JRPG Style pony game is on the horizon! This one totally uses a Scootaloo as a cursor, making it the GREATEST POSSIBLE JRPG... kind of.

    Right now, its still very much in it's alpha stages, without any actual animations.  Check out the video demonstration, as well as full informative copy paste after the break!

    Or you can hit up the Ponychan Thread / Forum post about it.
  • Story: Human (Update Part 37!)

    [Adventure][Comedy][Light Grimdark][Random]

    Author: DannyJ
    Description:  "In Equestria's far future, one thousand and five years after the return, a dysfunctional group of argumentative ponies must quest to defeat the most dangerous enemy of Equestria to ever live; the malevolent Lord Second, one of the only known members of the race of elder gods known as the humans, and the ancient cult who worships him, the Brotherhood of Man.

    An over-the-top surrealist comedy with slight serious elements. Expect a steady decline into insanity."

    Human (All Links) (Update Part 37!)
    Human: Shades of Grey

    Additional Tags: Long, OC ponies, humans, far future,
  • Untitled

  • Nightly Roundup #201

    Twilight Sparkle is best pony all ponies edition. That's right. The sun has set on another day and it's time for me to get out my keyboarder collie and have it herd the news right here. Check it all out after the break.
  • Music: Winter Wrap Up - Piranha Remix / Discord's World / Everfree n B

    The first one is an awesome Winter Wrap Up remix. The song never gets old, and this refreshes it even more!

    #2 is creepy as hell. I'm sure some of you will enjoy that!

    And the third is Everfree, cause that place totally has a music track now.

    1.) Winter Wrap Up - Piranha Remix
    2.) Pinkie Cake befriends Scarlett Peace - Discord's World
    3.) EverFree n B (Original Mix)