• Game: Between Dusk and Dawn

    Another JRPG Style pony game is on the horizon! This one totally uses a Scootaloo as a cursor, making it the GREATEST POSSIBLE JRPG... kind of.

    Right now, its still very much in it's alpha stages, without any actual animations.  Check out the video demonstration, as well as full informative copy paste after the break!

    Or you can hit up the Ponychan Thread / Forum post about it.

    This is my personal project of the last 6 months or so. I'm hoping it branches out into a group project instead.

    MLP Between Dusk and Dawn (not totally dead set on the title) is a JRPG built with my own custom engine. It is not made with game maker, or RPG maker, or anything like that. This means I have no limits beyond what I'm willing to spend the time implementing. Furthermore, the game's battle system is of my own design; it is not a generic turn based one ripped out of final fantasy you can see anywhere. There are no in-battle cinematics or huge menus. The game is 100% realtime and simultaneous. All abilities can be selected with 2 button presses, for fast and easy gameplay. You will ideally not be spamming a single button and occasionally healing; not in this game. I will also be making every effort to have there be more to battles than just reducing your enemy's hit points to zero; puzzle bosses will be the order of the day.

    Story wise, this will not be a crossover (atma weapon's just for fun) and ideally would not seem out of place in the show proper, barring the extra cartoon violence. It won't be all serious all the time; far from it. There will also be a minimum of OCs, and no OOC moments to push the story forward.

    But that's a lot of "is going to" and "will." To actually make it a reality, I need help, mostly from visual artists. There's a lot of content to make and I don't want to spend a century doing it. If you're confident in your abilities and want to work your rump off for a few months, come help me out!

    Further information about the game and what kind of help I need is on my forum, and in the ponychan thread. Try out the demo, and come help me make a real game out of it.

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