• Nightly Roundup #201

    Twilight Sparkle is best pony all ponies edition. That's right. The sun has set on another day and it's time for me to get out my keyboarder collie and have it herd the news right here. Check it all out after the break.

    Rainbow Dash on Cover of Newspaper
    Click the picture for link. See? I'm learning how to EqD!
    Ponies are now on the cover of a newspaper that people actually receive and read. It's crazy. I never would have thought this was even possible back when I joined the fandom in December!

    Presumably Psychic Person Predicts Ponies

    This is a video from January 2010 where a guy totally hits the nail on the head about ponies becoming a phenomenon. Apparently it didn't catch ONE person off guard! Check it out here.

    Maplestory Guild

    For any of you that play Maplestory, a guild has popped up for you to join. I used to play maplestory. And by "used to play maplestory" I of course mean "tried it for a few hours when I was 12".

    Copypasta below.

    Game: Maplestory
    Guild Name: Equestria
    Server: Windia
    Requirements to join: None, all classes and levels may join.
    Contact: LunaEonRalis (In-Game IGN) or E-mail at [email protected]
    Note: I'm not the guild leader but a Jr. Master, for the guild leader is inactive. However, I can continue to keep the guild running.

    MLP: FiM Review

    Another review is up on the youtubez. Check it out here.

    BwB Episode Five

    New episode of Babble with Bronies is approaching. Go here and click on the "show" link.

    Mechwarrior Online References Ponies

    Mechwarrior Online is the latest thing to get bitten by the pony bug. Soon, when the pink moon rises, the transformation will begin. Check it out here and here. (The reference in the last one is the authors.)

    Sweetie Scoot 2 NEEDS YOU!

    You heard me, folks! The sequel to Sweetie Scoot needs fanart! As I'm sure you all remember, the first Sweetie Scoot was a transcendent masterpiece of game design and storytelling, so you should all go here and help him out!

    Screwattack Mentions Humble Brony Bundle

    You guys. You guys. Ponies are everywhere.

    Latin Spanish Episodes

    Episode list:

    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 6
    Episode 7

    Meetups Looking for More


    Medicine Hat Meetup

    I’m glad to report that a good few of us in the Alberta Bronies group have organized a meetup in the small city of Medicine Hat. We would like to extend the invitation to those who read Equestria Daily, more specifically, your Nightly Roundup entries. Here are the details:

    What: Medicine Hat Brony Meetup
    When: January 3, 2012, at 12:00 Noon
    Where: Inspire Café, (On the corner of 2nd Street SE and South Railway Ave)
    Who: Friends you have never met before.
    Why: Because we can
    How: Through the power of the Internet!

    I have posted the event on Facebook:

    Merch / Ebay Stuff

    Rarity Concept Custom

    Luna Custom

    Trixie Plush

    Luna Plush

    Pinkie Ring

    Remember, Twilight Sparkle is Best Pony

    That's it for me tonight, folks!

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