• FiM Greeting Card Project

    The holiday greeting card project for the crew/cast of FiM is complete! Have a copy paste from Big Brony below!

    Thank you to everypony who participated in our Friendship is Magic holiday greetings card project!

    And to all the staff members who have put their hard work into the show, past and present: on behalf of the Brony community, I would like to offer you our humble messages of Season's Greetings and heartfelt thanks for all the hard work you've done in bringing us such a wonderful thing.

    Title page
    First page
    Second page
    Third page
    Fourth page
    Fifth page

    These are sized to be printable, if you want to print them out (just click on each image to full-size it).

    Happy Holidays from Big Brony!
  • YTPMV: Ponies inc. - Equestria has changed / Jingle Belles /

    This was going to be a christmas music YTPMV post, but I had Carol of the Belles in there 3 times for some reason. Oh well...

    Have some stuff!

    1.) Ponies inc. - Equestria has changed
    2.) Jingle Belles
    3.) Carol Of The Belles

  • MLP Custom DVD Mockup

    This is a pretty awesome little project.  Someone from Ponychan created a full season one custom box set, complete with custom DVD menu's.  Toss some special features in there and I'd be all over it!  Hopefully if we ever do actually get a box set, we will see those added in to the mix. 

    The rest of the menu's can be found after the break, as well as a short video demonstration.

  • "Flutterman"

    The creator behind "Rarity's Tears" has created a sequel type video to it going by the title of Flutterman.  As always, it has awesome video game music combined with custom Fluttershy lyrics and images.

    Check it out after the break!

  • Story Updates December 20th (Evening)

    Gilda totally needs a less obnoxious sister.  The model is awesome!

    Have some story updates.

  • Music: Super Ponybeat - The Heart Carol (Eurohoho Mix) / How Equestria Was Made / Griffin Village - Autumn (Aussie Remix)

    As is the norm for Eurobeat Brony, remixes in 10 seconds flat!

    We also have some rap, and another remix of Griffon Village.  Check them all out below!

    1.) Super Ponybeat - The Heart Carol (Eurohoho Mix)
    2.) Ruby Surise: How Equestria Was Made - The Rap
    3.) Griffin Village - Autumn (Aussie Remix)

  • Animated Starpony Portraits: Rarity / Pinkie Pie

    I seriously bought Starcraft 2 and beat the campaign because of the first set of these.  I said Fluttershy was best last time, but Rarity's facial expressions are just awesome.

    Click the images for the animated versions!
  • Season One Discounted on iTunes

    Until January 4th, the entire first season of Friendship is Magic has been dropped to $39.99, I guess for the holiday season! It's probably a good time to pick it up if you haven't already.  Check out the story page here!
  • Music: General Mumble - Mega Spike Rarity Stage / Pony Party /

    The first one is actually from an upcoming Spike game.  If it's anywhere near as cool as the soundtrack, sign me up!

    1.) General Mumble - Mega Spike Rarity Stage
    2.) Pony Party

  • 50 Song Album: We Broke It

    Yes, you read that right... 50 songs.  Circuitfry and BMDoubbleBass, along with various other musicians in the fandom all collaborated on this massive pony music extravaganza.  Quality levels and "how pony is this?" levels are a bit random at times, but seriously... 50 songs.  If you don't find at least 5 you like, I'm not sure what to tell you. 

    Check the whole thing out here, and their intro video after the break!

  • Comic: My Little Pinkie / There Will Be Pony

    Click for Full!
    Pinkie Pie cute stuff above, and the discorded version of Juiceboxshy below!  How evil...

  • Ponyarchive Officially Shuts Down

    It looks like Ponyarchive has officially bit the dust.  Hasbro's legal team commandeered Celestia's moon cannon and sent it on an extended vacation to Luna's thousand year old crater palace.

    "Taking it in stride" is something they are not doing however, with their essential "middle finger" in Hasbro's direction.  This, combined with the recent attacks on The Hub's non-pony facebook updates probably isn't painting our little community in the best light.  Biting the hand that feeds us is something we should practice avoiding. 

    While I'm on the fence about Youtube shutdowns, an actual full on download site may have been a bit too far.  As much as I appreciate the Ponyarchive team for their hard work,  FiM is still a relatively high budget cartoon, and with DVD's on the horizon, as well as the iTunes downloads finally stepping up their release speed, it was sort of inevitable. 

    One thing I do hope they consider, is the audience outside the US who have no access to the new episodes aside fom Youtube.  This is an issue that needs to be addressed more than anything.  FiM is breaking new ground, so it's not a huge surprise that things are happening slowly, but alternative methods should probably be explored before cutting off the supply entirely.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #280

    Derpy ninja? Do want.  Some day ponies will be playable in EVERYTHING.

    Have some art!

    Source 1

    New banner by Grilledcat! 
  • Berlin Parliament's "Pirate Party" Calls Pony Time

    The Pirate Party recently gained a seat on Berlin's parliament, something that has never happened before for the group.  While these guys are serious about their internet rights and battling censorship, they do know how to have a good time, including "Pony Time".  

    After the break is a translated version of this article.  I'm sure you will all get a kick out of it.

    Thanks to Anon for the Englishification!

  • Music: Muffin Proof [20% Tastier] / Windigoes and Stuff

    Derpy is best vocalist.

    Have some music!

    1.) Muffin Proof [20% Tastier]
    2.) Windigoes and Stuff

  • Story: Cloud Racer


    Author: Johnny Bruton
    Description: Rainbow Dash takes part in the Pegasus Grand Prix, but without the help of one of her friends it doesn't look like she can win.
    Cloud Racer

    Additional Tags: Racing, Training, Short, Teleplay, Fun
  • S2:E12 (13?) Episode Name and Title Revealed

    You heard me right! It's after the break if you don't want to ruin the magic.

    Thanks to PonyLeaks for the heads-up!

  • Dr. Whooves Episode 1 : Storyboard

    Another crazy Doctor Whooves / Derpy storyboard thing has popped up, complete with voice overs and still scenes.    I really should get around to watching the actual Doctor Who show.

    Anyway, check this one out after the break!
  • PMV: My Little Chickens

    Guys... I have no clue what is going on here. I only saw one Scootaloo though, so I think this is legit. FiM has been completely replaced by chickens.
  • Story Updates December 20th (Morning)

    Just two stories tonight! Progress and Upheaval (Which just hit 5 stars! Grats dood!)

    Check them out below!

  • Nightly Roundup #192

    Spitfire is old news.  Rarity is best pony.

    Have some stuff!