• Ponyarchive Officially Shuts Down

    It looks like Ponyarchive has officially bit the dust.  Hasbro's legal team commandeered Celestia's moon cannon and sent it on an extended vacation to Luna's thousand year old crater palace.

    "Taking it in stride" is something they are not doing however, with their essential "middle finger" in Hasbro's direction.  This, combined with the recent attacks on The Hub's non-pony facebook updates probably isn't painting our little community in the best light.  Biting the hand that feeds us is something we should practice avoiding. 

    While I'm on the fence about Youtube shutdowns, an actual full on download site may have been a bit too far.  As much as I appreciate the Ponyarchive team for their hard work,  FiM is still a relatively high budget cartoon, and with DVD's on the horizon, as well as the iTunes downloads finally stepping up their release speed, it was sort of inevitable. 

    One thing I do hope they consider, is the audience outside the US who have no access to the new episodes aside fom Youtube.  This is an issue that needs to be addressed more than anything.  FiM is breaking new ground, so it's not a huge surprise that things are happening slowly, but alternative methods should probably be explored before cutting off the supply entirely.