• Comic: Twilight saw your naughty folder / Saving Marshal Apple Daniels

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    According to a recent poll, 23% of you will have something in common with the comic up above.

    And below, we have more Presented by Ponies.  It's part two of the current arc.  The first can be found here

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  • Video: Gundam Stop Motion : Love & Tolerate

    Fluttershy and Gundams?! Is there anything we won't cross over like crazy? 

    This is a really well done stop motion style video, even if you have no clue who the actual non-pony characters are.  Check it out after the break!

  • Equestria Daily Commercial

    It's raining dots!

    Actually those are ponies, and this is a commercial someone created on Youtube.  It's surprisingly official looking! I could see something like this popping up on T.V.

    Also so much pony.

    Check it out after the break!

  • Episode List for MLP DVD Released + New Episode "The Last Roundup"

    Shout! Factory has thrown up a page for the new MLP DVD that will be releasing on the 28th of February, including a slight leak of the title to one of the future season two episodes.  Sadly no synopsis is given or any other information, I'm sure we can toss out all sorts of theories on what "The Last Roundup" actually means.

    Maybe Applejack lost her rope? We haven't seen a fic about that yet! Rainbow Dash's wings have had enough!

    Check out the store page here!
  • Ponies Make It To Google's Top Ten Toy Searches

    Not too surprising news, all in all, considering that Hasbro is a toy company, but you guys keep sending it!

    Apparently some of our favorites ponies ranked up in the top 10 Google searches of "fastest rising toys of 2011". You can find the aggregate data from Google here, if you want to see the fine-grain detail of what was popular when, but it looks like the pegasus ponies are winning.

  • Comic: Al's Pest Control / Apples Don't Grow on Trees

    I don't know if the first one really counts as a comic.  It's more of a bunch of single panel images.  We will roll with this tag though.  Pages below:

    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3
    Page 4

    And some Applejack below, because the world needs more comics starring her. 

  • Comic: A Long Hard Day of Training

    Ponies misinterpreting things? You bet! It's comic time.  Check out all 4 pages below!

    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3
    Page 4
  • Hearth Warming Eve Episode Clip

    Wired has released another new episode clip for Hearth Warming Eve.  Obviously, spoilers are pretty prevalent, I can say this episode looks like it's going to be a really fun one though.  Also, confound that cliffhanger!

    Check it out here!

    Or embedded after the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #276

    My wallpaper folder, it is exploding! Dash is kinda cute in a crown.

    Have some art.

    Source 1

    And new banner by Secoh2000
  • Story Updates December 15th (Evening)


    I got nothin.  Have some story updates!

  • Comic: Mine / A Holiday Surprise

    Shipping comic time, because this community just loves it's shipping. 

    The one below is actually a multipart, so click the pages instead.

    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3
    Page 4

  • Story: Party Rock


    Author: Casca
    Description: After losing to Tank the tortoise in the competition for best pet, Boeing the falcon finds himself dejected, violent and lonely until he meets a rock - and it begins to have a conversation with him.
    Party Rock

    Additional Tags: Headcanon, aftermath, falcon, psychic rocks
  • SKYRIM Shirt at Welovefine

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    Holy Twilight Sparkle in candy cane socks and a Santa hat, this shirt is badass.  I'm sure you all know my stance on Skyrim by now.  This is the greatest... possible... thing. Welovefine recently tossed these up on their site, and I'm sure it will sell like crazy. 

    I actually thought the whole "shout" system was a little corny before playing the game.  It grew on me pretty quick, and DOVASHY is only furthering my love for the FUS ROH DAH.

    This is a pony blog though.  We report on pony merch, not games! Have some more new welovefine stuff after the break.  They released a whole plethora of new sweaters for the holiday season.

    Update: Male Versions Have Released, find those below now! 

  • Story: Flow


    Author: Starry Tides
    Description: For a thousand years Celestia has ruled in solitude, a constant and unchanging presence to her subjects, but what is really going on in her head? Is the princess as stable and compassionate as she seems? Just what does it take to chip away the shell she has created?

    Additional Tags: Isolation, family, love, compassion, rediscovering life
  • Music: The Zebra's Spell / Pony O (The Brony Song) / a

    It's mix time! We have some Zecora to start off, A random parody song in second place, and a Dubstep "remix" of Cupcakes.

    1.) The Zebra's Spell (Zecora fan music)
    2.) Pony O (The Brony Song)
    3.) DJPoniver - Cupcake Filter

  • Story: Things That Go South in the Night


    Author: The_EE
    Description: When Sweetie Belle stumbles into the Carousel Boutique injured in the
    middle of the night, it's up to Rarity and her group of friends to piece together just
    what has happened. As the night turns into day they will learn a lesson in both bravery as well as sacrifice.
    Things That Go South in the Night

    Additional Tags: Dark, Bittersweet, Sacrifice, Gift, Loss
  • Kids are Asleep

    Post Spitfire
  • Nightly Roundup #187 - Not REA =[

    I was going to use a certain Spitfire followup image for the Nightly Roundup, but I thought better of it.  Have some Fleur in a Santa hat instead.

    To the news!

  • Hasbro's Senior Global Brand Marketing Manager of My Little Pony Position Open!

    That's a long title right there! The main point about this one though, is the small blurb buried in the job description:
    As a key member of our team, you will ensure the brand essence and all expressions of "anything My Little Pony" is consistent across platforms…and become a part of making the My Little Pony brand a pop culture phenomenon!
    Looks like they are recruiting someone that understands it's relevance in pop culture. 

    The rest of it is actually pretty entertaining too, complete with "somepony" and a few other small references to the actual show. 

    Check out the full application here.

    Based on the job requirements, it looks like "blogging about ponies" for a year doesn't qualify me.  Maybe some of you marketing majors out there can pull it off though?