• Arnold Schwarzenegger Spotlights: Discord and Zecora

    The Governator is at it again with another set of pony spotlights.  This time he focuses on both Discord and Zecora, and lots of plot... so much plot.  If you have followed this series so far though, you probably expect that!

    Check them both out after the break!

  • Seeking Pony Art for Charity

    I am reprehensibly late with this, but it's important, so late will have to do. The charity group Your Siblings is putting together their annual art drive to help create awareness and foster the spirit of solidarity and love between people all around the world. This year, they have embraced My Little Pony and the brony communities "love and tolerate" message as a part of their own. 

    What does this mean? Well, it means you can help people in need of care and attention get the help they need by drawing ponies. Yes, that's right. Drawing ponies. So draw some ponies to help remind everypony that you don't have to be related to treat somepony like family. Don't let a lack of skill deter you: this is about the thought and not the execution. So if this is something you feel is worth a little bit of time, give it a shot! If ever there were a time for it, it would be now. 

    For more information, including where to send your art or other ways you can contribute, see this post.
  • Shining Armor and Princess Cadence Confirmed

    A few days ago a post went up displaying two new ponies, Shining Armor and Princess Cadence.  Apparently the duo is actually going to be showing up in the series.  Andrew Francis is the voice-actor behind Braeburn, and recently tossed this up on his Twitter page

    I guess that also confirms a third Alicorn?

    Other news from deep within the bowels of the internet also pointed at this particular episode being a season finale, we are sticking those under the rumor tag for now though.

    Thanks to Jake for the heads up!

    Princess Cadence (Source)
  • Music: At The Gala (Rainfall Mix) / For The New Lunar Republic (Thorinair Remix)

    If you don't bother with remixes anymore, maybe because you are bored of the same songs being modified, or maybe because you just dont like pony music in general, you may want to ignore that nagging voice in the back of your head and just hit up the first one.  It's really good!

    We also have some Thorinair this time around if you are in the mood for a long, progressive, trance version of For the Lunar Republic. Also good!


    1.) At The Gala (Rainfall Mix)
    2.) Not a Clever Pony - For The New Lunar Republic (Thorinair Remix)

  • Ditzy Doo's Christmas

    It's the holiday season, and Derpy needs some love....

    So go love her!

    After the break of course.

    (Fixed link!) 
  • Music: I'll Fly Higher / So Many Bunnies

    We have some Acoustic/Mando collab, and a So Many Wonders remix this time around.  Enjoy!

    1.) I'll Fly Higher (Scootaloo's Theme) - Original MLP music by AcoustiMandoBrony
    2.) So Many Bunnies (Everything Mix) - ByCelestiasBeard

  • Humble Brony Bundle Strikes AGAIN!

    I'm pretty sure we dominated the hell out of this one.   3,500 bucks is going to be hard to beat!  And if someone does try to wipe us out, It's a good thing.

    Cupcakes has a copypaste for you about the future of Humble Brony Bundle.  Check it out below!
    The Humble Indie Bundle #4 has launched, and now supports both Child's Play (who provide games to sick children in hospitals) and the American Red Cross (disaster relief, blood drives, much more)! Thanks to your donations we've been able to contribute $3500, in addition to the $1250 we already gave last bundle!

    So where do we go from here? UPWARD! How much can we raise? How much can we, by working together, collect for sick children and people suffering from disasters? I don't know! Another $1000? A total of $7500? Could we hit $10,000 total donations across both bundles? As more donations come in they will be added to the current payment on the Humble Indie Bundle site. I'm not holding anything back for the next bundle: this is the big one. Let's make it count, everypony!

    The first Humble Brony Bundle was supposed to just get things kickstarted. We were supposed to build up some steam, spread the word, and be in position to really do a good job this time. Well, we're well beyond that stage now thanks to all of you! We're in position to really show how generous and caring bronies are! So please, DONATE, spread the word, and then donate AGAIN directly to the Humble Indie Bundle, because you've gotta share and you've gotta care!
  • Story Updates December 13th (Evening)

    Everything is better with ponies. ©

    Yes I did copyright that.  You can't use it in public anymore.  WHAT NOW.

    Have some story updates.
    (I'm joking, don't send me hatemail.)
  • Hearth Warming Eve Screenshot On The Hub

    We have some new Hearthwarming Eve  screenshots up on The Hub's facebook page. Apparently they have been floating around for a while! Guess that's what I get for playing Equestrian Idol on Skype.

    Check them out after the break!

    And new banner by Ahrkeath, I forgot to add that to the drawfriend.  
  • Drawfriend Stuff #274

    We have a Christmas one from John Joseco up above that will help fund the upcoming Bronycon.  His sketches are awesome, but when he really goes all out, its just straight up impressive.  Check out the source link if you want to buy the poster size version. 

    Source 1

  • Plushie Compilation #30

    Glorious gala Pinkie Pie!  That's some serious skill right there.

    Have some plushie pony.

  • Custom Pony Compilation #35

    There are way too many games to play right now, stop tempting me to play TF2!

    This is amazing.  I can only imagine how successful sets of these would be if they were mass produced.  Get on it Hasbro! Valve is totally cool with collaborations like this!


  • Story: Snails' Big Problem

    [Comedy] Cereal derped the link, so here you go!

    Old comments  can be found here if you want to copy paste over.

    Author: Squeejee
    Description: Growing up is a long, hard process.
    Snails' Big Problem

    Additional Tags: I'm ashamed for writing this.
  • Comic: Lyra Builds a Snowman

    I know I'm going to get all sorts of crap for saying this, but I really wish Lyra would toss some more ridiculous human poses into the show.  This is the best joke ever. 
  • Music: LIKE A FAUST / Twilight Sparkle (Jack Sparrow Parody)

    We have two parodies of Lonely Island tracks. You may want to look up the originals on Youtube to get some of the deeper references in the second one, but the first is pretty obvious. 

    1.) LIKE A FAUST
    2.) Twilight Sparkle (Jack Sparrow Parody by The Lonely Island)

  • Ponies What Are British

  • Story Updates December 13th Morning)

    Cheerilee or Spike... That was a tough choice! Both "It Takes a Village" and "School Daze" have had their story images displayed at the top before.  I had to go dictator mode and choose the pony though, sorry Spike!

    Have some story updates. 

  • Nightly Roundup #185

    Remember the Pinkie Pie under your tree a few nights ago? She is mysteriously gone, replaced by Derpy.  I hope you are happy. 

    Have some news while you figure out what to do with her.
  • Simple PMV: HoofLoose / Hot Air Balloon / The King Kong Song / My Favorite Things

    It looks like a good amount of you want to keep seeing these. There is still going to be some quality control (Dropping the entire FiM Storybook intro scene/sonic rainboom all at once for example is going straight to the mooon!), but matching scenes to music correctly does have it's own charm.

    Really it all depends on the person.  I honestly can't get enough of stuff like these, but to others, a simple one is the most entertaining. 

    So hit them up! After the break!

    1.) HoofLoose
    2.) Hot Air Balloon
    3.) The King Kong Song
    4.) My Favorite Things