• Seeking Pony Art for Charity

    I am reprehensibly late with this, but it's important, so late will have to do. The charity group Your Siblings is putting together their annual art drive to help create awareness and foster the spirit of solidarity and love between people all around the world. This year, they have embraced My Little Pony and the brony communities "love and tolerate" message as a part of their own. 

    What does this mean? Well, it means you can help people in need of care and attention get the help they need by drawing ponies. Yes, that's right. Drawing ponies. So draw some ponies to help remind everypony that you don't have to be related to treat somepony like family. Don't let a lack of skill deter you: this is about the thought and not the execution. So if this is something you feel is worth a little bit of time, give it a shot! If ever there were a time for it, it would be now. 

    For more information, including where to send your art or other ways you can contribute, see this post.

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