• Humble Brony Bundle Strikes AGAIN!

    I'm pretty sure we dominated the hell out of this one.   3,500 bucks is going to be hard to beat!  And if someone does try to wipe us out, It's a good thing.

    Cupcakes has a copypaste for you about the future of Humble Brony Bundle.  Check it out below!
    The Humble Indie Bundle #4 has launched, and now supports both Child's Play (who provide games to sick children in hospitals) and the American Red Cross (disaster relief, blood drives, much more)! Thanks to your donations we've been able to contribute $3500, in addition to the $1250 we already gave last bundle!

    So where do we go from here? UPWARD! How much can we raise? How much can we, by working together, collect for sick children and people suffering from disasters? I don't know! Another $1000? A total of $7500? Could we hit $10,000 total donations across both bundles? As more donations come in they will be added to the current payment on the Humble Indie Bundle site. I'm not holding anything back for the next bundle: this is the big one. Let's make it count, everypony!

    The first Humble Brony Bundle was supposed to just get things kickstarted. We were supposed to build up some steam, spread the word, and be in position to really do a good job this time. Well, we're well beyond that stage now thanks to all of you! We're in position to really show how generous and caring bronies are! So please, DONATE, spread the word, and then donate AGAIN directly to the Humble Indie Bundle, because you've gotta share and you've gotta care!

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