• Pinkie Pie's Cutiemark Story: Carnations and Forget-Me-Nots

    Someone has Videofied the Pinkie Pie cutie mark story comic from a while back.  I'd give it a sad tag, but then it would ruin my PAINSTAKINGLY SORTED ARCHIVE. 

    Anyway, check it out after the break!

  • Music: One Trick Pony (CopyCat Remix) / A Jolly Cold Hearth's Warming Eve / Omnipony - Dragon Greed [Feat. Rainbow Dash]

    We have a remix of a original (Drums and Bass style), Christmas pony music, and some more OMNIPONY dubstep! I just found out hes like fourteen.  That's talent right there! Hit them up after the break! 

    1.) Jackle App befriends Mic the Microphone - One Trick Pony (CopyCat Remix) (Drums and Bass)
    2.) A Jolly Cold Hearth's Warming Eve
    3.) Omnipony - Dragon Greed [Feat. Rainbow Dash]

  • Story: The Hiccups


    Author: Usea
    Description: Disaster has struck three little ponies. Sweetie Belle has a terrible case of hiccups and it's up to her friends to find somepony to help before their fellow Crusader finds herself with a cutiemark for hiccuping... then they'd never stop!
    The Hiccups

    Additional Tags: An attempt at episode-like
  • YTPMV: Grim Grinning Ponies / Flutter Destination / Discord Life V2.1

    That first one should have been around during Halloween.  I'm not sure how difficult YTPMV's are to create, but It's really impressively done.  

    1.) Grim Grinning Ponies
    2.) Flutter Destination
    3.) Discord Life V2.1
  • Top 10 Videos of November

    The votes are in, and the top ten PMV's of November have been chosen! Definitely a great selection this time around. I think I've watched the one in first place at least seven times now.

    Check it out after the break!

  • Scootaloo Joins a Pony Remix

    This is for those of you that missed the Everfree Radio segment from earlier.   Madeline Peters (The Voice actress behind Scootaloo) sang Jingle Bells for everyone, and being the crazy community that we are, it has already been spliced into a collab.

    UPDATE: Apparently this actually was a full collab between Madeline, AcousticBrony, and Mandopony! I love this team even more now

    Check it out after the break!

  • Music: Becoming Popular - 1987 House Mix / Yelling At Cats - Becoming Popular

    Guys, I think I found my favorite Becoming Popular mix.  Rarity with sweatbands is amazing in itself, but the song is glooorious.

    We also have a new vocal rendition with more customized lyrics after! Enjoy!

    1.) d.notive - Becoming Popular [1987 House Mix]
    2.) The Living Tombstone Meets Yelling At Cats - Becoming Popular

  • Story Updates December 12th (Evening) (Small Edition)

    Surprisingly enough, only two story updates came in today! I'm sure they are sick of sitting in the queue, so have some Allegrezza and Crisis: Equestria!

    After the break.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #273

    Don't lie Discord, you are enjoying this. 

    Have some art!

    Source 1

    New banner by Zackira
  • PMV: Subdivisions and PMV Discussion!

    Alright, discussion time!

    I'm thinking of compiling the more classic "pony scenes with music" PMV's into their own posts.   We have been pretty strict about those lately, and only taking videos with custom effects, vectors, lip syncing, ect.

    What do you guys think?  Should they make a comeback?

    We originally started cracking down on it due to the lack of interest in the PMV posts in general.  We have all seen Rainbow Dash sonic rainboom a million times to pretty much every song out there.  It was just a flood.  The really good stuff wasn't getting any airtime.

    I leave it up to you!

    And for those that don't really care, have a PMV after the break.  It's one of those custom vector, effecty, lipsync ones!  
  • Scootaloo (Maddy Peters) Interview Over at Everfree Radio

    The voice actor for everyone's favorite chicken orange pegasus has an interview up on Everfree Radio.  As always, they gave me some copy paste for you all, so check it below.

    Good day, everyone!  Today, Everfree Radio releases another Podcast for your enjoyment.  We have our exclusive interview with Madeline Peters, the voice artist for Scootaloo!  Also included is a special holiday song sung by Scootaloo and remixed by AcousticBrony and MandoPony and released by Everfree Radio!  We also review Episode 10: Secret of my Excess.  Tune in Bronies, and stay tuned, because we have even more coming up soon!

    Listen to it here
  • Story: A New Rule

    [Shipping][Random][Slice of Life]

    Author: PenPal
    Description: Fleur de Lis must learn some things about life and herself when Fancypants breaks up with her
    and demands that she get a job in preparations for moving out.
    A New Rule

    Additional Tags: Soul Searching Important Cause Maturity
  • Music: Find A Pet (8-Bit) / Becoming Popular (8 bit) / The Road to Appleloosa

    We have two 8bit remixes, and some AAAAAAAPLEOOOOOSA!

    Hit them up after the break.  I'm gonna go bust out my Pokemon red version. 

    1.) Find A Pet (8-Bit)
    2.) Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know) (8 Bit)
    3.) The Road to Appleloosa

  • Story: Empty Skies (Update Part 4!)

    [Adventure][Light Grimdark]

    Author: Heliostorm
    Description: A thousand years ago, Nightmare Moon made a deal with the stars: to let them rule Equestria in eternal night in exchange for breaking her free from her prison on the moon. But when Nightmare Moon was defeated by the Elements of Harmony, she could no longer fulfill her end of the bargain, and neither Celestia nor Luna have any intention of letting the stars dominate their world. Now the stars have arrived to take what was promised to them—by any means necessary...
    Empty Skies Part 1
    Empty Skies Part 2
    Empty Skies Part 3
    Empty Skies Part 4 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Magic, Origins, Stars, Invasion, War
  • Comic: Not To Be Meme

    Click for Full!
    Wow, Twilight looks great in glasses

    Wow, Twilight Sparkle pulled a Skyrim meme.

    Wow, Twilight is being adorkable again.

    Wow... I love Twilight.
  • The Brony Show # 31

    Have a wall of copy paste!
    Hey, it's Monday, and even with the holidays barreling down on us like an overactive dragon homing in on portal cake we're still going to do another great show full of the holiday spirit! This episode we go after every brony's fantasy, and explore what the world of Equestria would be like if we were suddenly put into it. And to take us through an incredible journey we're interviewing Lafter, the author of the fanfic 'Through the eyes of another pony'. And if that's not enough we have another new episode of MLP to commentate on, and we'll even go through a detailed plot analysis that will blow the minds of most bronies. Along with that all the wonderful music videos, fanart, and special peppermint oatmeal that a LIVE episode of The Brony Show can only bring. Just remember we'll be starting at 6PM PST. All you need to do is go to http://thebronyshow.net and click the Livestream button at the bottom left. Also, if you can't wait you can always jump in an hour early and catch our preshow, which promises to be an incredible experience! And if that's still not enough, stay after the show for Crimsonthewolf's Oatmeal Galore afterparty, because we love all you bronies and want you all to start the week off right!
  • Equestrian Inquirer Issue #16

    It's that time of the week again! Have some onion style pony news!

    As always, you can find their archive, and the actual 16th issue here!

    And the video version here!

    Full Copy Paste after the break. 
  • Fallout Equestria Side Stories (Lots of updates!)

    Have a monthly update! Lots of new fics this time around., along with the new image. 

    All stories in the Fallout Equestria Side Story post completely skip the pre-readers.  Quality levels are pretty random, but that isn't really the point.  People really love Fallout Equestria, and taking a part of the world for themselves to build a story around is just fun. 

    If you find any broken links, toss me an email!

    Check them all out after the break.

  • Story Updates Decemeber 12 (Morning)

    We actually have two really old stories in here that have finally updated, along with all sorts of new stuff.  Secret Tub Fun is like a blast from the past in the comments section.  Blogger was so weird back then...

    Anyway, have some stories!

  • Nightly Roundup #184

    Derpy Alpha squad ATTACK!

    Yah... I got nothin.  Have some news!