• Nightly Roundup #184

    Derpy Alpha squad ATTACK!

    Yah... I got nothin.  Have some news!

    Pony Crossword #2!


    Celestia Radio Interviewing The Cast of Friendship is Witchcraft

    I love this podcast so much.  All my pony.

    Have some copy paste:

    Hey bronies! like friendship is witchcraft? wanna ask em why their so adorably demented and awesome? This thursday the 15th at 3 pm central on celestia radio I will be interviewing kennyNicholson and Lewis Griffin many questions and want to see what you have to say! If you have any questions for them, email me at [email protected] with "fiw" in the subject or join our chat at ponify.me. Thanks!

    Sethisto realizes headlines don't need to be have capital letters on everything

    CNN totally doesn't do it.


    Free MLP Clay Magnets Givaway 

    Another Twitter givaway is goin down, this time with MAGNETS. 

    All you have to do is Retweet @HeyLookASIgn with#friendshipismagnets Rules: http://bit.ly/sg5sSp

    Fancy Pants and Fleur Invade Calculator

    I still want my con artist Fleur side series. 

    Fighting Is Magic's Pinkie Pie Voice Actor

    Wow, shes awesome! This game needs to release already!

    Completed Pony Rubik's Cube

    Pretty cool! This packaging needs about 20% more pony though!

    Successful Meetups

    NSW Meetup

    Apparently they have a group flag! It's in the image.

    The next meetup is happening on the 17th of december
    we are meeting in front of the stairs of the opera house at 10 am
    call the founder for details 0406884261.
    group link:http://www.facebook.com/groups/118784541559330/

    Melbourne Australia Meetup

    Apparently 46 people hit this one up!  It's pretty amazing how popular FiM is getting outside the USA.

    They also had a cupcake eating contest.


    Southern California Toy Drive Meetup

    Holy Celestia that's a lot of toys.  Impressive!  This happened on December 10th, apparently 40 of them showed up. 

    Washington DC Meetup 

    Delicious Cupcakes I must eat them. Check out their page here!

    Vanacast: Secret of My Excess Lets Watch

    Another one! Charge.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Estonian Group


    Cloudsville Roleplaying Forum 


    Equestria Themed Terraria Server

    Apparently they have cities and stuff set up, though it's still incomplete and needs help with construction.  Check it out at this ip:

    Across Equestria Roleplaying Site



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Shoes
    Various Handcrafted Pony Stuff
    Pony Pins

    Sethisto Realizes He Capitalized All the Headlines Anyway


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