• Get Daniel Ingram an Emmy Event!

    Daniel Ingram is submitting a few of his best pony songs for an Emmy nomination, and is asking the community for assistance.  Currently the following five songs are eligible:

    Art of the Dress
    Hush Now Lullaby
    At The Gala
    May the Best Pet Win
    Becoming Popular

    He explains it the best, so have his copy paste:
    "Hey Everyone!! This year the Emmy's they are asking for an "Optional informational essay, up to 200 words, explaining why you believe the entry is Emmy-worthy. The summary, which will be included on the ballot as an accompaniment to the viewing material, may comprise a technical description as a guide to judges, along with any challenges that were met in the submission episode or Special." Many of you are great writers, so pick your fave song from 2011 and email me your 200 word essay of why you think it's Emmy worthy. Send to [email protected]"
    We ran a 300 word story competition back in march and got around 100 in an hour, I can't imagine the swarm that will happen now.  Take some time on it, get it proofread, make sure its up to par.  He can't use something that doesn't fit the criteria. These songs are worthy of your time!

    Note: You can submit an multiple essays for different songs, so you don't have to choose just one! 
    Note2: Winter Wrap Up is from 2010, and therefore not eligible. 

    Now get out there and write!

    And check out his facebook page for more information.