• Secret of my Excess - Episode Followup

    Finally, we have a Spike episode on our hooves! I know a lot of you have been waiting for it, and we got a lot of great material out of it to sort through- new ponies, new canon, and finally some more Cheerilee! Everypony was on top form.

    Except Rarity. She's in time-out.

    Click past the break for our episode recap!

    Let's start our new pony roundup with Junebug! She kind of looks like Carrot Top's sister, actually, except she has an actual voice actor. 

    Then we had this guy, the pony pediatrician with the questionable anatomy posters in his office. I don't believe I've heard the accepted fanon name for this guy yet, but his mane looks like a giant muffin to me.

    Right after that we had the vet pony. I gotta say, I like her color scheme. I want to see more of her. Artists, we need fanart of this pony, stat.

    Click it!
    Derpy spotted! Click the picture for the animation in which she appeared totally interrupting whatever Bon-Bon and Lyra were doing. Probably discussing taxes. Yep.

    Somewhere in the middle of all this, Twilight made this face.

    Do I even need to caption this scene?

    No points for guessing the movie reference this time.

    This is admittedly a minor complaint, but this is pretty much how I imagined this scene going back in Canterlot:

    "Princess Celestia, there's a dragon attacking one of your towns!"
    "Hm? Oh. Just send the Wonderbolts at it."
    "Just the Wonderbolts?!"

    And I know I said Rarity was in time-out, but, I mean, come on...

    I'm pretty sure that Studio B is trolling someone here, and I'm pretty sure that it's us.

    She has enough accidental bedroom eyes, and then they throw those in. On purpose.

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