• PMV: Subdivisions and PMV Discussion!

    Alright, discussion time!

    I'm thinking of compiling the more classic "pony scenes with music" PMV's into their own posts.   We have been pretty strict about those lately, and only taking videos with custom effects, vectors, lip syncing, ect.

    What do you guys think?  Should they make a comeback?

    We originally started cracking down on it due to the lack of interest in the PMV posts in general.  We have all seen Rainbow Dash sonic rainboom a million times to pretty much every song out there.  It was just a flood.  The really good stuff wasn't getting any airtime.

    I leave it up to you!

    And for those that don't really care, have a PMV after the break.  It's one of those custom vector, effecty, lipsync ones!  

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