• Comic: Naptime / Scootalone

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    I see you trying to make Fluttershy unappealing.  It's impossible though, she will always be best pony.

    I was really hoping to see some Scootaloo family members in that last episode.  Ever since Showstoppers when Lauren dashed out hopes of her sisterly relationship with Rainbow, it has been a huge mystery.

    Studio B does a great job of stringing us along...

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  • That's enough of that!

    Even EQD can't go past that point.  Rainbow Dash had to stop Rarity before it was too late.

    Looks like it's SKYRIM time!

    (Thanks to Rodolfo for the original RarityMaximillian Veers for the Rarity vector, and Another-Story-2tell for Oblivion Dash!)
  • Tara Strong Interview on "The NSFW Show" now Available

    For those that missed the interview with Tara Strong (Twilight Sparkle's Voice Actor) the other day, the mp3 has been uploaded over at "The NSFW Show".  It also includes some bonus content with her near the end. 

    Go check it out here!
  • Official Response from Shout Factory on Pony DVD's

    The DVD Producer for "Shout! Factory" (The company releasing MLP DVD's) recently responded to a bunch of questions in a thread on their community forums. 

    It looks like the only way we will be seeing a box set is if we become relevant to the actual retailers as opposed to their original demographic of little girls.  That's going to be a tough one to break into, but knowing this fandom, I think we can pull it off!

    I'll paste all of his direct responses after the break. (Thanks to wbwolf for digging these out)

  • Music: Mayhem Invades Equestria / Reach for the Sun / Ponyville

    General Mumble combined with Renard?! Can it get any better?

    1.) General Mumble - Mayhem Invades Equestria
    2.) Reach for the Sun
    3.) Ponyville (A Parody of Beverly Hills by Weezer

  • Comic: Sisterhooves Social Twilight Sparkle /

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    Spike is the best punching bag ever.

    And some Scootaloo below, because everyone loves making fun of Scootaloo. 

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  • WeLoveFine Now Carries Hoodies!

    Yep! With Winter Wrap-up coming along shortly (or already in progress, in case you live somewhere that isn't Texas and therefore not ridiculous), you'll naturally want to keep warm when venturing outside. But, putting on a sweater would cover your pony shirt!

    Not any longer. Our super-awesome sponsors WeLoveFine (the only storefront carrying officially-licensed pony stuff aimed at older audiences, I might add) are now carrying pony hoodies. You can see the whole product category on their site here, with more large pictures after the page break.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #241


    Good thing ponies are immune to diabetes.

    Have some art after the break.

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  • Comic: Time for Pie / Bubbles

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    Hey! Pie! Pie is good.  I don't really like apple pie, but Boston cream? With Oreo crust? Do want. 

    Bubbles are cool too.  Especially when they aren't sad bubbles.

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  • Custom Pony Compilation #28

    Source / eBay

    Derpy and letters just go together. Like Rarity and diamonds. Or Rarity and gems. Or maybe Rarity and saddles. Actually, I'm going to stop that train of thought before I go any further.

    Have some custom ponies!

  • More Youtube Pony Bans

    Looks like another round of Youtube bannings has happened.  Streaming channels all over the place are being sent TO THE MOON, though loads of HD is still available over there. 

    We will try to dig up some information on it.  Until then, all we can really do is sit back and wait.

    Youtube is a pretty massive aspect of this community, and the driving force behind getting people into the show, so seeing stuff like this puts everyone on edge.  Please try not to panic though.  When these waves of bans happen, they rarely hit more than 3-4 channels.  I've also never seen a PMV get banned (outside of a full channel ban for actual episodes).   So those are probably safe. 
  • Story: In the Middle


    Author: NTSTS
    Description: Snails experiences his first taste of adolescence discussing with his friends who they 'like'.
    In the Middle

    Additional Tags: Middle School, Growing Up, Cute
  • Flash: AJ found the General Lee // AJ found an Apple Transport

    Plot development is very important to any story.

    I learn'ded that in a book.

    1.) AJ found the General Lee
    2.) AJ found an Apple Transport

  • Twilight's Library Defense

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    I heard you guys liked crazy flash games! So have another crazy flash game to... Actually, I do that Xzibit thing way too much.  Just click the image and kill some parasprites. 
  • PMV: Pinkie Pie: CHICKEN DANCE! // Twilight Sparkle Found Tofu

    Man, Celestia, such large wings you have.

    All the better to wing it.

    I'm sorry, that was just bad.

    1.) Pinkie Pie: CHICKEN DANCE!
    2.) Twilight Sparkle Found Tofu

  • Story Updates November 10th (Morning)

    Yes Trixie, that is Skyrim out there on the horizon.  We are almost there!

    Oh... story updates, right. Have some!
  • Nightly Roundup #152

    Skyrim in a DAY edition!

    It's so close... I can only imagine the crazy amount of pony mods that will pop up.  You guys better make them compatible with the steam version!

    On with the pony.