• Nightly Roundup #152

    Skyrim in a DAY edition!

    It's so close... I can only imagine the crazy amount of pony mods that will pop up.  You guys better make them compatible with the steam version!

    On with the pony. 

    Pony Merchandise Report

    SouthParkTaoist is planning on releasing updates on Pony merch sales and availablity.  This is the update for November 9th! Click the image for the full version with a list of all current sought after merch, and their prices/location.

    Rhythm Heaven Pony Mod

    Ponies converted to cats and dogs?! Madness!

    BroNYCon Adds Musicians to Special Guests

    Have some copy paste:

    The ever-expanding BroNYCon Guest of Honour list has three new entries: Baschfire, Jackle App and Supersaw Hoover. They join fellow musicians Chain AlgorithmTarby and brony band NeighSlayer for what promises to be an absolutely incredible brony music panel. Check out the complete Guest of Honour list; it's getting ridiculously long!

    My Little Brony Wiki Has Arrived! 

    Another new wiki page for all things pony has popped up, and looking for visitors.  Hit up their pages here to check it out!

    Playfish Restaurant Game Adds Pony

    How sneaky! Ponies invade pretty much everything these days it seems! Check the game out here.

    Meetups/Guilds/Groups Looking for More

    Newmarket Meetup
    They want to do weekly meetups, nothing specific planned yet though!


    London Brony Meetup

    When: Trafalgar Square 17th of December at 12:00 SHARP!


    UIUC Brony Meetup


    Prancing Skilltaire Meetup 

    When: Saturday, Nov. 12

    Where: Garden Grove California


    Swedish Facebook Group



    On a Cross and Arrow Audio Drama Update

    The second part of the Cross and Arrow demo has been released for those following that project, check the video out below!

    Successful Meetup at LA-OC 

    A 90 brony meetup recently went down at the Montebello YMCA. Check out their gallery here!

    And videos:

    Walk around

    Singalong 1
    Singalong 2

    And website if you want to join the next one!



    Glorious Derpy Cake!

    Real Life Pony Sanctuary in Need

    I know a lot of you don't like real ponies, hell I'm in the same boat, but this is a good cause right?! So Nightly Roundup time!

    A sanctuary in the UK needs 4500 dollars by December 31st or it will be shut down, and the residential equines will be sent off to become dog food.

    Check out the reddit page for info on how you can help!

    Ponies Play Rhythm Games With Pony Music While Distracted

    Have some copy paste!:
    Exactly was it says on the tin. A contestant plays through a ridiculously long track of music created by the pony community, mixed so that they have no time to rest between songs. Hilarity ensues when the co-hosts attempt to keep the player distracted with prepared pony trivia, random antics and questions from the live audience.

    The first episode will stream live on Friday Nov 11 at 19:30 MST (or 7:30 PM for those of you who don’t understand 24 hour clocks, 9:30 PM EST for those on the east cost, and 2:30 AM GMT for those who live across the water). it will feature our contestant playing through a 40-60 minute track of pony music in Audiosurf on Ninja Mono with Ironmode on.

    The episode will be Co hosted by the BFA (Brony Foundation for the Arts) a group that works much like Mystery science theater 3000 but for pony fan-fiction which will be releasing some of their extremely funny video soon.

    Join us for a great time of dogging gray blocks, hitting colored ones, and some commentary worthy of <insurt favorite comedian here>.

    Find us at: http://www.livestream.com/ryexanderstemporalportal 7:30 PM MST 9:30 PM EST 2:30 AM GMT

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Hats
    Pony Keyrings
    Derpy Plush Ornament
    Fluttershy Plushie
    Rarity Plushie
    Custom Pony Keychains

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