• Official Response from Shout Factory on Pony DVD's

    The DVD Producer for "Shout! Factory" (The company releasing MLP DVD's) recently responded to a bunch of questions in a thread on their community forums. 

    It looks like the only way we will be seeing a box set is if we become relevant to the actual retailers as opposed to their original demographic of little girls.  That's going to be a tough one to break into, but knowing this fandom, I think we can pull it off!

    I'll paste all of his direct responses after the break. (Thanks to wbwolf for digging these out)

    "Guys, I understand the "Brony" movement, but one thing has to remain
    clear.  This show was not intended for the older audience as much as
    it was intended for children.  Retailers don't take into account the
    size of the audience bigger than its target.  The target for this
    series, like it or not, is children.  And young children's DVDs do not
    sell well when in large disc-count sets.  Parents don't want to shell
    out $30-$40 for four discs, when they can spend less on a single disc.
     So the retailers make it clear that they want single disc sets.

    We can create both, if the retailers agree to take both.  But we
    cannot spend the necessary money to create complete season sets, if
    they're only going to sell online or at Shout! Factory Select, because
    retailers rejected them."

    When asked why shows like Spongebob Squarepants and Clone Wars got
    full season sets:

    "Spongebob was turned into complete season sets, based on the sales of
    the individual discs, which were usually themed for something like
    Halloween or the "10 Best Tales."  It should also be noted that the
    seasonal sets began coming out at the paramount of DVD sales, when
    people were shelling out for everything.  A lot different than now.

    Nothing that carries the brand "Star Wars" is made entirely for the
    kids.  In fact, while Lucas can claim it's for the kids all he wants,
    he's really marketing to the Star Wars collectors that do insist on
    spending their disposable income on things like complete season sets.
    You'll also find that's why much of that series is geared toward a
    more sophisticated level of writing and storytelling.

    My Little Pony is a different case, altogether.  While developed for
    television by the wife of the borderline kids/adults series The
    Powerpuff Girls, this is still a show that is based on a young kids
    toy line and is aimed at young children who are learning the "magic of
    friendship."  That adults have become big fans of the show is an added
    bonus.  But the show is a children's show and children's shows sell A
    LOT better on single-disc compilations that parents can simply throw
    into the players and press 'play.'"