• PMV: The Stars Will Aid in Her Escape / Dissidia

    I've been computer building all day if you were wondering about the lack of updates. Everything is set up and ready though! I'll start working through email in a few minutes, the roundup will probably be really late unfortunately, but that's the price of taking a break from EQD!

    Have some quick PMV's. I'm really liking that first one, a lot, in fact, YOU NEED TO WATCH IT.

    1.) The Stars Will Aid In Her Escape (Cosmic Love)
    2.) Dissida PMV

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  • Pocket Ponies - Background Pony Edition

    Who doesn't like pocket ponies? Nopony, that's who.

    I'd print these out and stick them everywhere, but I'd probably get kicked out of my house like that one guy from reddit. Did you see that story? Crazy. My paranoia has been justified in that regard.

    Have the whole set here.
  • Music: Avast Fluttershy's Lament / Not Such An Angel / Beyond Her Garden (Thorinair Remix)

    Remix time!

    1.) Pokey Smokes - Avast Fluttershy's Lament
    2.) WolfOfSadness - Not Such An Angel
    3.) WoodenToaster - Beyond Her Garden (Thorinair Remix)

  • Comic: Whiz Bang / Meet the Hoovses

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    Yah, Cele ain't dealin with none of your crap.  I really like that art style for some reason.

    And some Derpy family below.  I guess Sparkler is fanon now? 

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  • Discussion: What do YOU Want to See in Pony Merchandise?

    We have a whole mess of FiM merch out there, but aside from the new Lyra, Carrot Top, and Big Mac blindbags, nothing has really been specifically for our little unexpected demographic.

    What kind of merch do you want to see pumped out in the 2012 My Little Pony toyline?

    Do you want a line of villians from the show?

    More background ponies?

    Hit up the comments below and toss your two cents out!
  • Story Updates November 9th (Evening)

    Story update time!

    Hosted by Sweetie Belle with a scanner.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #240

    Discord makes a pretty badass Deathwing.

    Have way too much art.

    Source 1
  • Increase in Toy Sales Keeping Hub Strong

    Little girls everywhere are absorbing pony merch at astounding rates.  While the actual Hub channel isn't hitting the lofty expectations originally set in terms of ratings, it's assistance in selling the actual toys of the cartoons it showcases is keeping everything right on track.  I am not sure how large of an impact we, as a community, have on these figures, but I'm glad to see the channel doing well.  I don't know of many other networks that are so in tune with their community.

    If you guys watch pony when it airs, and have any access at all to The Hub, please toss them your support!  The more views we give them, the better they look in the eyes of the investment community.  It's a rough business breaking into the market they are focusing on, with huge competition from channels like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. 

    For more information on the financial specifics, hit up the Deadline article. 

    I'll leave you guys one really neat quote from it though:

    Looks like a lot of kids — OK, their parents — are snapping up the toys and games represented on shows such as Transformers PrimeClue, and My Little Ponythat they see on The HubHasbro COO David D. R. Hargreaves says these sales are soaring even though initial ratings following the channel’s October 2010 launch were at “the lower end of our expectations.”

  • BroNYCon Ticket Prices Rising Tonight!

    If you were planning to attend BroNYCon in January, it might be a good idea to grab the tickets now.  Midnight tonight (EST, or 9:00 PM Pacific), the tickets will be increasing by five dollars a pop. 

    Hit up their website for information, and keep an eye on the nightly roundups for any new events taking place.  It seems like every day, another well known name pops up on their roster. 
  • Comic: What do you Think You're Doing? / Carrot and Hooves

    Dash>Storm, we just haven't seen her true weather controlling potential yet.  Tornadoes ain't got nothin on Ponyville's head weatherpony.

    And Derpy Hooves being awesome below, as always.

    Source / Click for Full!
  • Comic: Berry Punch Explained / Interpretation Station

    Now we just need to give Lyra wings! 

    And Twilight Sparkle misinterprets the true reason for her cutie mark.  Magic isn't your specialty! Stop lying to yourself!

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  • Music: Project Poni Main Theme / Pinkie Pie's 8-Bit Jazz Parasprite Polka / Pony Piano - My Little Nocturne

    We have a badass rock remix of the intro theme, an 8 bit version of the Parasprite song, and some pony piano. It's mix time!

    1.) My Little Pony: FiM - Project Poni Main Theme
    2.) Pinkie Pie's 8-Bit Jazz Parasprite Polka
    3.) Pony Piano - My Little Nocturne

  • Story: Late Bloomer

    [Normal]  Guys... I admit... I like cute OC ponies.

    Author: Jay Bear
    Description: Apple Bloom goes, reluctantly, to a book-signing event at the Ponyville library, and soon finds herself talking to the new author. When the conversation turns to getting a cutie mark, she learns a lot more than she expected about the stars, her ancestors, and the value of patience.
    Late Bloomer

    Additional Tags: Apple Bloom wants ice cream
  • Nightly Roundup #151

    Roundup Time! Cereal called it Rarity for yesterday, so I'm claiming today in the name of the Great and Powerful TRIXIE!

    And Fluttershy.

    Have some news.