• Increase in Toy Sales Keeping Hub Strong

    Little girls everywhere are absorbing pony merch at astounding rates.  While the actual Hub channel isn't hitting the lofty expectations originally set in terms of ratings, it's assistance in selling the actual toys of the cartoons it showcases is keeping everything right on track.  I am not sure how large of an impact we, as a community, have on these figures, but I'm glad to see the channel doing well.  I don't know of many other networks that are so in tune with their community.

    If you guys watch pony when it airs, and have any access at all to The Hub, please toss them your support!  The more views we give them, the better they look in the eyes of the investment community.  It's a rough business breaking into the market they are focusing on, with huge competition from channels like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. 

    For more information on the financial specifics, hit up the Deadline article. 

    I'll leave you guys one really neat quote from it though:

    Looks like a lot of kids — OK, their parents — are snapping up the toys and games represented on shows such as Transformers PrimeClue, and My Little Ponythat they see on The HubHasbro COO David D. R. Hargreaves says these sales are soaring even though initial ratings following the channel’s October 2010 launch were at “the lower end of our expectations.”

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