• Nightly Roundup #151

    Roundup Time! Cereal called it Rarity for yesterday, so I'm claiming today in the name of the Great and Powerful TRIXIE!

    And Fluttershy.

    Have some news.

    Mane6 to Appear at BroNYCon

    A couple of people behind the Fighting is Magic game are planning on making an appearance at BroNYCon in January. This convention is starting to sound epic!

    If you are in the area, you might as well get your ass over there! Go to www.bronycon.org for info on registration and RSVP ASAP! The reg price increases by $5 (from $35 to $40) tomorrow (Wednesday) at or after midnight.

    Multi-Language MLP Videos

    Someone is compiling videos from various languages and turning them into single showings, starting with Flutterguy and Trixie

    I still say the French Maid and Powerful Trixie is best Trixie.

    Fallout Equestria: Wings

    I guess this is pretty much fanfiction, but it's done in a journal form with visualizations to top it off. I wasn't too sure what to do with it, so why not nightly roundup away!

    Check out the first page here, and follow along in comments.

    As always, Fallout Equestria tends to roll with Grimdark, so avoid it if you get squeamish around bloody ponies!

    Friendship is Dragons Webcomic hits 40 Pages

    That's... a lot of pages. Apparently it has been rollin along pretty quick. Check it out here!

    Webcomics with Ponies: The Compilation

    I think we have hit the cap on these. Through the last few months, Acriaos has been compiling web comics into a massive google document. In the end, we have hit a whopping 80 web comics that plugged ponies at least once.

    Check it out here!

    FiM Persuasive Speech Again!

    I'm pretty sure its a requirement to do this if you are in school and taking a class that requires a presentation.

    Rainbow Dash Stained Glass

    Best stained glass ever? I'm pretty sure it is.

    Dungeon Fighter Online Rainbow Dash Mod

    Apparently Rainbow Dash is half dragon! Spike has a chance with a pony after all.

    Binding of Isaac Pony Reference in Recent Trailer

    They have dropped a pony reference via item before, but now their entire slogan is based off of 20% cooler. Check it out at the end of this video!

    Groups/Guilds/Meetups Looking for More
    Battlefield Platoons:

    PC Australian BF3 Platoon


    "My Little Ponies" Platoon


    Oklahoma Meetup

    When: Saturday After Thanksgiving


    The Fourth Warsaw Brony Meetup

    When: Saturday, November 19th - beginning 2:00PM CET

    Where: Paradox Cafe, Jezierskiego 3/5A, Warsaw, Poland

    Plans: watching livestream of the new episode, a lot of talking, MLP knowledge competition, probably occupying local toy stores. Pony pins will be also available!



    Central Wisconsin Bronies


    Melbourne, Australia Brony Meetup




    Dayum, thats quite the cutie mark.

    Sheffield UK Successful Meetup

    Taking over the WORLD

    Check out the
    Website if you want to join the next one!

    Official Doctor Who Tumblr Posts Pony

    Hell yah Doctor Whooves. Check out the Tumblr here!

    Doctor Whooves Radio Play Project Seeking Composer

    Copy Paste:
    The Doctor Who Radio Play Project is in need of a composer for an episode which involves a musical number. If you're musically inclined and would like to hear your work on the project feel free to apply. We're looking for a short comedic composition, for more info send an email to [email protected] or contact the ponychan thread: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/collab/res/23247+50.html for more info. and check out the rest of our work on the blog at: ponyinaboxproductions.wordpress.com

    Pony Commercial Popping up in Mexico

    It looks like Ponies are headin on down to Mexico City on the 21st of November.  Bout time! Check out the commercial here!

    Princess Celestia Invades Russia

    Similar to Ponies Around the World, Princess Celestia has invaded all sorts of monuments over in Russia.  Check out the gallery of all of it here!

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Hand Painted Pony Stuff
    Pinkamena Plushie

    Everfree Radio Sisterhooves Social Minicast

    The link was broke last night so have it here!