• Comic: Witness / Classroom Follies

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    I wonder if we will ever see some kind of expansion on Celestia's abilities?  Her response to pretty much every issue is "make Twilight Sparkle do it".  I'm looking forward to some expansion, if any!

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  • Hasbro Toy Shop 25% off and Free Shipping

    Hasbro Toy Shop currently has a promotion going for 25% off all pony stuff with free shipping, All you need to do is toss the code FSFAM11 into the "Using a promotion code?" box at checkout and it will deduct all of it.  For those looking to get into customizing, this might be a good deal to take advantage of.

    You can find the pony selection here!
  • Music: Rarity's Divine Design / This is Everything / Skruffy Pony

    Techno and crazyness time!

    1.) Rarity's Divine Design
    2.) This is Everything
    3.) Cloud Kicker - Skruffy Pony

  • Find The Ponies: Painting Edition

    Someone created another one of these.  The mane 6 are buried in the background.  Go find them!

    Spoilers in comments obviously.
  • BGM: Rarity's Parents / Rarity's Realization / The Big Race

    I figured we would see these pop up pretty quick for this episode.  The BGM was definitely really well done. 

    1.) MLP:FiM BGM: Rarity's Parents
    2.) MLP:FiM BGM: Rarity's Realization
    3.) MLP:FiM BGM: Sisterhooves Social - The Big Race

  • PMV: Falling inside the black / Rainbow In Disguise / Atmosphere

    Daww, Fluttershy is so cute with evil goggles on.

    Have some PMV's!

    1.) MLP - Falling inside the black (FULL)
    2.) Rainbow In Disguise - PMV
    3.) Atmosphere

  • Animation: Sisterhooves Alternate Ending / TANK

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    I was actually really surprised when Applejack popped up from the mud. Sure the big reveal of NINJA RARITY was big, but knowing that poor Applejack was clearly holding her breath the entire time was pretty crazy!  Find the response to that below.  It's kind of sad, but well animated!

    And more ponies driving above, just cause. 

  • More Information on the Friendship is Magic DVD

    A website called TV Shows on DVD has a small blurb up about the upcoming pony DVD (Titled Ponyville Chronicles) available for pre-order at Amazon.  The final tally for episodes on the disc hits five, with actual bonus material, though it is unknown what that will actually include.

    I'm kind of wondering if this is supposed to mix with the other two Target DVD's that were released earlier in the year.  It would be nice to see an actual box set pop up in the future.  The bonus material alone sounds good enough for me though!
  • Comic: Pinkie During Sisterhooves Social / The Wings You've Earned

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    Pinkie Pie will always be awesome, especially combined with Scootaloo.

    And some deep Rainbow Dash stuff below! You guys love deep right? 

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  • Invader Zim Creator: Draw Ponies, Be Successful!

    This is a really cool one.  The creator of Invader Zim wrote a short article on his Tumblr about getting noticed in the art world.   The main point he tries to get across is pretty simple, draw what is popular! Aside from mentions of cute female Link, and Star Wars, the big one he suggest is My Little Pony.

    We have seen a few pony artists get absorbed into making money off it.  Megasweet nailed a deal with Welovefine a while back for the silhouette wallpaper designs.

    So if you artists out there ever find yourselves sitting in front of a half finished sketch of Twilight Sparkle battling it out with an Ursa Major, or Rainbow Dash making out with [INSERT PONY OBJECT HERE], don't question your direction in life;  embrace it and become popular!

    He posted a followup too! 
  • Story: A Million Things to Do


    Author: AbsoluteAnonymous
    Description: Pinkie Pie comes to Rainbow Dash with shocking news; the world is going to end, and they have a million things to do before it does. Although Rainbow Dash agrees to play along, she obviously doesn't take her seriously... but as the day goes by, the true meaning of Pinkie's warning becomes clear.
    A Million Things to Do

    Additional Tags: Bonding, Growing Up, Potentially Pinkiedash
  • Adventure of the Lunar Bolts Massive Updates

    No genre is safe from the pony! This time we are taking over the JRPG Market, with a full fledged pony game.  From the looks of it, this one is going to be pretty massive.   The ponies all have their own custom sprites, and several land marks have already been created and implemented.  

    Check out the video demonstration of it after the break!

  • Custom Pony Compilation #27

    GLORIOUS Luna edition.  I love these fully molded ones.  That must take some seriously steady hands right there.

    Actually, I was watching the National Geographic channel the other day at around three in the morning, and some guy had this crazy ability to mold animals almost picture perfect, in just 10 minutes.  We should totally hire him. 

    Have some customs.

    Source 1

  • Robotic Lego Scratch

    This one is pretty neat, it head bobs to the beat of whatever song is playing on the phone.  I remember back when legos were for building ridiculous submarines and star wars figures.  Time sure do change quick...

  • Plushie Compilation #26

    That's a badass dash right there.  She needs to wear her mane/tail like that more often.  

    Have some pony plushies.

    Source 1
  • Drawfriend Stuff #238

    Lots of Rarity this time around. 

    With her hair down of course.

    Source 1
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Spotlights Derpy Hooves and Rarity

    Following the first official season two Rarity episode, The Governator has released a few new spotlights for everyone to dig through. 

    I'm just going to assume silently has a crush on Rarity based on the images used, even if he tries to pretend shes not best pony. 

    Check the spotlights out below!

  • Story Updates November 7th (Morning)

    More story updates to SUCK THE HOURS RIGHT OUT OF YOU.

    I think I might hit some of these up today actually.  I haven't really started a new one in forever.

    Anyway, enjoy some stories. 

  • Story: Obscure Unicorn History: Starswirl and the Magus Magnus (Update Story 2!)


    Author: StarswirltheBearded
    Description: The legendary Starswirl the Bearded and his assistant Auburn investigate the disappearance of ponies in Ponyville. In their pursuit, they discover the danger of power.
    Obscure Unicorn History: Starswirl and the Magus Magnus

    Additional Tags: Magic, history, adventure, serious, descriptive.

    [Normal] Story 2 (New!)
    Description: One of Starswirl's earliest adventures. Starswirl joins forces with the venerable Princess Luna to discover the source of a strange affliction that is spreading across Equestria.
    Obscure Unicorn History: Starswirl and the Lunar Princess

    Additional Tags: Historical, Action, Adventure, Serious, Tense.

  • Comic: Dash Academy (Update Lots of stuff!!)

    What do school fillies and griffons do for fun?  This comic attempts to answer that, complete with wingboners and teenage angst. 

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    (New Parts Below) 
    Part 5
    Part 6
    Part 7
    Part 8
    Part 9
    Part 10
  • Comic: One Wild Night / Apple Pie

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    Everypony ships with Rainbow Dash... and eachother.  I guess love between candy colored equines is just fun to draw and write about?  We seem to do it enough!

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  • The Brony Show 26

    Another week, another bronyshow. Have a repsonse!
    Hey everypony! It's time for another great live episode of The Brony Show. This one is full of some awesome surprises, so if you haven't checked us out or have the time you really, really need to check it out. It's pure awesome. But that's not all. We also have a great interview with an awesome flash artist. We're also doing a fun commentary on the latest MLP episode and also our thoughts on the latest and interesting events in the brony community. Along with all the news, music, videos, and fun random insanity that is the show that you know and love. You can check it out live at 6PM PST or 9PM EST over at Http://thebronyshow.net and clicking on the bottom left Livestream button. Also check out the preshow an hour early for your favorite random DJ playing even more random PMV's. And stay after the show for our excellent aftershow with Crimson (Wow, there is a lot of pony here!)"
  • Equestrian Inquirer Issue #11

    See guys? Not a chicken.  Have this weeks edition of the Equestrian Inquirer!

    After the break, or in this google document.

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  • Nightly Roundup #149

    I ran out of stuff to post, so have a nightly roundup!

    A really..long one