• Nightly Roundup #149

    I ran out of stuff to post, so have a nightly roundup!

    A really..long one

    Scattered Chaos Game Looking for More! 

    Another pony game is recruiting people for it's team.  This one is supposed to be Legend of Zelda style.  For more information, hit up the ponychan thread!

    Derpy Hooves Warhammer

    Yep! Derpy has a warhammer.

    DJpon3 Radio
    It's no secret that bronies love their pony music.  Another channel wants to excite your ears with a library of over 1200 songs. Check it out here!

    Meetup Reports

    This one was at the Supanova convention in Australia, Looks like it was successful!


     I want that Rainbow Dash

    More Pony Media Coverage

    A couple of articles have popped up in the past few days.  It's like we are suddenly really interesting!

    Above is one from a magazine called Kidscreen.

    And here you will find one from Gothamist!

    Groups/Guilds/Meetups Looking for More

    Ohio Brony Meetup

    When: 19th-20th

    Copy paste: The Ohio Bronies group has grown quite a bit since the first Columbus meetup in July (has it really been that long already?) so we're coming back for more! This time, it will be bigger and eight two days long.

    More Info - http://ohiobronies.blogspot.com/2011/11/columbus-meetup.html

    Shreveport LA Meetup

    When: Nov. 12


    VA Beach Meetup


    VA Beach Meetup
    Copy Paste: For any pony in Hampton Roads area of VA. Atlantis Games & Comics is willing to host us on Nov 19, 2011 from 7pm to 10pm. It listed as My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, VABeach Bronies Meet up. Address is: 145 E Little Creek Rd Norfolk, Va 23505 (757) 502 8954. Please I need 6 episodes everyone wants to watch. We will be ordering pizza. If we get a good turn out. They will be willing to host again in the future. So get our friends to come. E-mail episodes to [email protected]"

    WoW Guild

    <Friendship is Magic> Level 23 Alliance Guild

    Server: Arathor
    Raid Times: 5-9pm server (server is east coast) Thursday and Sunday
    *Starting to do 25 man raiding, need more ponies ready for raiding*
    Contacts: Vinylscratch, Bastiat (GM), Parasprite, Flutterguyy (If none are available speak to a member)
    -We are very awesome...(I was told to add that)-
    Everypony is welcome, even casual players!


    Badass Ponygeist Banner

    Do want

    Independent Game Studio Opens Auditions for Voice Acting Roles

    Have some copy paste:
    Aiming high, Gentlecolt Collaborations, the studio responsible for the upcoming game "My Little Pony: Love is Magic", is opening auditions for voice actors to fill the roles of the game's main characters.

    The game, based on the increasingly popular "My Little Pony" franchise, hopes to draw upon the show's ancillary adult fan-base for talent. Committed to the quality of their game, the studio has even spun-off "Equestrial Sound and Magic", a new division dedicated exclusively to the voice acting process. This new division is lead by Victor Frost, a seasoned audio engineer and professional podcaster.

    "Being fans of the show ourselves, we're really excited to get other fans involved in the production of this game," says Mr. Frost, "We hope that working on this project can be a solid stepping stone for amateur voice actors to discover their talents and maybe even use this as a launching pad into their professional careers.

    For more information on the game, visit HTTP://www.gentlecolts.org
    To audition, visit HTTP://loveismagic.thefrostsyndicate.com

    Bronygamers Website

    Another gaming group is looking for more! Check out the page for it here.

    New Abridged Series Seeks More! 

    For those looking to break into the abridged scene, yet another one has started up! They currently need:

    -Pinkie Pie
    (For Later Episodes)
    -Princess Celestia
    -Nightmare Moon
    For more information, hit up the ponychan thread, or toss an email to:  [email protected]

    My Little Time Lords Series Seeking Animators and Flash Artists

    For those with a more artistic side, another project is seeking some animators and flash artists.  Check out the page for it here!

    Artist of the Week #3: CartoonLion

    "Gendid here again, and welcome to another addition of Artist of the Week! This week's artist is CartoonLion! You can find the interview and links to her galleries in the google doc here. Please give her your love and support!

    Remember, if you or someone you know would like to be on Artist of the Week, you can contact me at [email protected]. Until next time, pony fans!"

    Friendship is Science Video Log One

    A new scientific podcast thing has begun! Check out the pilot episode here.

    Winter Wrap Up Fanwork Exchange

    Another project for the holidays has begun, designed to trade off fan work with other bronies.  Have some copy paste:

    Winter Wrap-up Fanwork exchange!

    Sign up and full out the form (what you're requesting and what you're willing to do). And when Signups are done, the mods match everyone together. You get and give one thing. Signups go through the 16th of December and all fanworks will be due for posting on the last day of winter, March 19th, 2012.

    Signups are at: http://winter-wrapup.livejournal.com/1414.html

    More info and specifics on the LJ comm. It just opened and we're trying to spread the word! We're trying to make it accessible even to bronies who aren't on LJ a lot. We're using it as a coordination site, but posting to places like devart, ffn, or FIMfiction are totally cool. We've made the requirements pretty attainable and there is a ton of time. We hope it'll be something fun for everyone!

    Pegasister Podcast

    Another podcast has begun! This one plans to update every Sunday.  Check it out here

    Hashtag #BecauseOfMLP Trending on Twitter

    A new hashtag dedicated to spreading the stories of how MLP Helped out their daily lives has begun on Twitter.  Use #BecauseOfMLP to join in.

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