• Invader Zim Creator: Draw Ponies, Be Successful!

    This is a really cool one.  The creator of Invader Zim wrote a short article on his Tumblr about getting noticed in the art world.   The main point he tries to get across is pretty simple, draw what is popular! Aside from mentions of cute female Link, and Star Wars, the big one he suggest is My Little Pony.

    We have seen a few pony artists get absorbed into making money off it.  Megasweet nailed a deal with Welovefine a while back for the silhouette wallpaper designs.

    So if you artists out there ever find yourselves sitting in front of a half finished sketch of Twilight Sparkle battling it out with an Ursa Major, or Rainbow Dash making out with [INSERT PONY OBJECT HERE], don't question your direction in life;  embrace it and become popular!

    He posted a followup too! 

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