• Games: Applebloom's Applebuck /

    Two simple games to mess around with this time! Above is a "catch the apple" thing, and below is side scrolling shooter thing starring Spitfire for once.

  • Music: Nightmare Night Electro-Dubstep / Time for FUN! / Doubled

    Luna time, because you all love Luna.

    Except for those of you that don't.

    1.) Nightmare Night Electro-Dubstep - StormWolf
    2.) {Trance} Tephrax - Time for FUN!
    3.) WolfOfSadness - Doubled

  • Comic: Choking Hazard / Lyra Blindbag

    Click Image for Full
    Applebloom being a Foal, and a play on the new Lyra toy, it's comic time!

  • Music: The Tempest / Don't Look / Don't be afraid

    Mix time! Genres from all over the place. 

    1.) Rainbow's Battle Theme - The Tempest
    2.) PiercingSight - Don't Look (Discord) (Wear headphones!)
    3.) Andy Feelin - Don't be afraid

  • Custom Pony Compilation #26

    Pinkie Pie diabetes anyone? She is passing it out for the next hour or so.

    More customs after the break!

  • Dethklok: Battle For Best Pony

    Mic the Mic did this play on Dethklok to celebrate his 2000th subscriber.  Fans of the show will probably find something to relate to here.  Check it out after the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #234

    We need more stuff of Celestia being a badass.  She raises the sun... that's a big object!  Surely she has vast quantities of power hidden somewhere. 

    Have some art. 

    Source 1
  • "Official" Blind Bag Pony Names

    We were all curious about it yesterday, and it looks like they have finally popped up.  Hasbro has some "official" names for our favorite background ponies.   Obviously due to legal reasons, they couldn't use the fanon ones.

    Lyra is above, and Berry Punch/Blues/Carrot Top can be found after the break.

    Note: For the sake of not driving fanfiction archives everywhere insane, please keep using the fanon names for those! Or at least include that your "Heartstrings" in the story should be filed under Lyra. 
  • PMV: The Devil Went Down to Georgia

    Octavia vs Discord?  Why is that concept so awesome and not explored more?

    Check out the PMV after the break!

  • Drinking Is Magic Card Game Redux

    Dude, Spierek made us a custom post banner when he sent this stuff in. Everyone should do that all the time. Forever. I love this guy.

    So, remember that drinking card game we featured a while back? The cards weren't really ready for printing and stuff, so Spierek went back, filtered out the irrelevant ones, and made the rest awesome. Have a copypaste from his email:

    My Little Pony: Drinking is Magic is the one and only pony-related drinking card game that will let you drink like Berry Punch and spend fun time with your fellow bronies. In the following pack (available here - http://spierek.deviantart.com/art/MLP-Drinking-is-Magic-266374435 ) you can find a complete deck of 160 cards split up into 10 print-ready sheets, complete with printing instructions.
    With instructions like "Create a title for yourself, preferably including 'great' and 'powerful'." and "Drink using the outer sides of your palms" there is no way that your fun will not be doubled! Each card features unique image, quote, and a set of instructions. And best of all - they're completely free! There's also a special template (link in the DA description) which should help anypony that would like to contribute to this project.

    So go get drunk, ponies. Responsibly, of course.
  • Story: Growing Up

    [Grimdark] [Shipping]

    Author: Vix
    Description: When he was younger Spike thought nothing would ever change. But part of growing up is learning that letting go is a part of life. He'd never forget them. Spike centric.

    Growing Up

    Additional Tags: Family, Changes, Loss, Love, Hopeful
  • Ponies Explain Physics

    That's it, blog's over, I'm going to go solve the secrets of the universe and do actual IMPORTANT stuff.   Suddenly Physics is fun!

    Of course, this wouldn't be possible without the genius explanations from these amazing ponies, so maybe I'll use my new found quantum knowledge to work on a portal to equestria?  This undertaking is going to require a team.  After the break is your homework.  Go watch it and meet me in Switzerland. we are taking over CERN.

  • FiM Animators Kit

    Drud14 on Deviant Art has created this simple animation demo that gives each pony a few different movements to mess around with.   On the actual deviant art page, you can extract the files and create your own pony videos.  It's still a work in progress, so expect some more depth in the future, but for now, it's pretty neat.

    Also Trixie.

    Find it here!
  • Comic: Besting Tia / Luna's Apology


    Alright I'll stop.  Have some Luna comics.

    Click for Full
  • Equestria Inquirer Issue #10

    The tenth issue of The Equestria Inquirer has been released. You can find it below.

    Equestria Inquirer Issue #10
  • Pocket Ponies Discord Edition

    Time to complete those sets! Discord ponies need more love!

    Click the image above for varying sizes.
  • Story Updates November 2nd (Morning)

    Only four updates this time around! Check them out below.

  • Nightly Roundup #144

    It's news time! I don't have anything interesting to say here tonight, so check it out after the break.

  • Mystery Luna from Castle Creator

    Apparently Derpy Hooves isn't the only interesting thing buried in that Castle Creator game.   This is a Luna someone found while plugging in random variables.  Their theory was that this the Luna from Rarity's axed makeover scene, but she is lacking the wavy hair.  Maybe it's from another episode? Who knows! This game is suddenly beyond intriguing.  Go my minions, delve into its secrets!

    And the original URL.

    Thanks to FennecusKitsune for the discovery!
  • BGM: One Friendship Report Too Late / Nightmare Night Festivities / Princess Luna's Entrance

    More BGM For you all to dig through, courtesy of JunkiesNewb. Check them out after the break!

    1.) One Friendship Report Too Late
    2.) Nightmare Night Festivities
    3.) Princess Luna's Entrance