• Drinking Is Magic Card Game Redux

    Dude, Spierek made us a custom post banner when he sent this stuff in. Everyone should do that all the time. Forever. I love this guy.

    So, remember that drinking card game we featured a while back? The cards weren't really ready for printing and stuff, so Spierek went back, filtered out the irrelevant ones, and made the rest awesome. Have a copypaste from his email:

    My Little Pony: Drinking is Magic is the one and only pony-related drinking card game that will let you drink like Berry Punch and spend fun time with your fellow bronies. In the following pack (available here - http://spierek.deviantart.com/art/MLP-Drinking-is-Magic-266374435 ) you can find a complete deck of 160 cards split up into 10 print-ready sheets, complete with printing instructions.
    With instructions like "Create a title for yourself, preferably including 'great' and 'powerful'." and "Drink using the outer sides of your palms" there is no way that your fun will not be doubled! Each card features unique image, quote, and a set of instructions. And best of all - they're completely free! There's also a special template (link in the DA description) which should help anypony that would like to contribute to this project.

    So go get drunk, ponies. Responsibly, of course.

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