• Lyra and Bon Bon Day Discussion: Character Development, Episode Ideas, and More!


    My Little Pony Lyra and Bon Bon Day Discussion Author Calpain
    Artist: Bobdude0

    Lyra and Bon Bon are some of the fandom's earliest fandom loves, grabbing onto them the same way we did Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, and Derpy. As with the other popular background ponies, these two went through quite a journey as the show unfolded, with the two getting some significant screen time during episode 100 and a special little ending of their own at the end of the show.

    Considering most of their lore is from fanon, backed up by some canon material, what have you liked the most from what the fandom has come up with these two? What episode ideas would you have these two take part of? Is there anything you really like or dislike about the pair?

    Talk about all of that and more in the comments!

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