• The Power Couple Is Here: Lyra and Bon Bon Day Begins!

    My Little Pony Lyra and Bon Bon Day Author Calpain
    Artist: Snapai

    Time to celebrate the power couple of the FiM universe: Lyra and Bon Bon! Don't worry Bon Bon, Lyra won't get too out of hand...I think.

    Today is another one of our appreciation days! This time we are looking at two of the fandom's earliest background ponies they managed to latch on to. Since then they have gotten their fair share of fanworks and developed a personality all their own.

    If this is one of your first appreciation days keep your eyes open for a variety of posts throughout the day whether it be comics, fanfics or artwork. If you haven't sent in your Lyra and Bon Bon work yet, make sure to do so by sending them to submit@equestriadaily.com by 12pm PST with Lyra and Bon Bon Day in the subject line followed by the type of media you are sending in.

    Example: Lyra and Bon Bon Day - Comics

    We hope you all enjoy! Have a great day!

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