• 12 More Awesome Lyra and Bonbon Fanfics To Read!

    The fanfiction continues! Most of Lyra and Bonbon was built in the world of fanon after all. We've got a bunch more for you to read, different from last year's selection if you want even more. As always, thanks to Whisper Key for scouting them all out for us.

    Get the fanfics below.


    Slice of Life




    A Day at Pony Island by _Undefined_


    Bon Bon and Lyra spend the day visiting the tourist attractions at Pony Island in Manehattan. Lyra can’t help but be Lyra.









    Lyra Heartstrings, Holiday Helper by TCC56


    One of the downsides of being a confectioner is that Bon-Bon is busy every holiday and she has almost no time to do her own celebrating.

    Lyra wants to help her marefriend - costumes, decorating, parties.

    If only Lyra's common sense could match her enthusiasm.


    Mail Exchange by Bicyclette


    Sugar Belle, Sweetie Belle, and Bon Bon don't know what's worse: the fact that their mail always gets mixed up or how annoying they find each other...









    The Deepest Seas by Waxworks


    When Bon Bon and Lyra get to have a busy little getaway deep under the southern ocean, they think it'll be a lot of work and a good amount of alone time together. What they don't realize is that they're sharing this deep, dark section of the abyss with creatures that enjoy music, and now that they've heard Lyra, they don't want to let her leave...


    A Canterlot Ghost Tale by volrathxp


    When Lyra gets a new job with the Canterlot Symphony Orchestra, things are looking up for her and her love Bon Bon. Moving out of Ponyville, the two find themselves in a new home in the old district of the Equestrian capital. But not all houses are a home, and these two ponies are about to find out why this particular house is not at all what it seems...


    Heart Strings by The Red Parade


    Lyra loves doing things for her friends over the holidays. It takes a toll, though. But she'll get by.









    A Life Full of Love by Regidar


    Things have changed since Lyra moved away to Canterlot. Every time she returns to visit Ponyville to see old friends, everything seems... off. Ponies seem subdued. Life feels washed out. Without love.

    And she's determined to fix that.


    Love by Proxy by Silent Whisper


    Lyra's wedding was almost perfect. In fact, there was only one thing missing.


    The Sun Always Sets in the West by Space_Kase


    Before Bon Bon married the love of her life, Lyra Heartstrings, an odd event one day lead her to a short, bittersweet affair with a strange, two-legged creature she'd never seen before.

    A My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic x Fallout: New Vegas crossover, featuring Bon Bon x Red Lucy as the core ship.









    Devotion by _Undefined_


    Lyra loves Bon Bon more than anything else in the world. After living together for years, she knows everything about her marefriend. Well, everything except what her estranged parents are really like. Regardless, the one thing that Lyra is certain of is that she and Bon Bon are destined to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

    Suddenly, Lyra is forced to deal with the most stressful situation she’s ever experienced. It’s all she can do just to keep herself together.

    This is the worst possible week for her to meet Bon Bon’s parents for the first time.


    Soulless Mechanical Sounds by applezombi


    The passage of time is so much more glacial, so much more painful, when a loved one is in danger and you know there's nothing you can do to change it.

    Bon Bon has disappeared on another 'secret mission', and Lyra is done. This time, she's going to confront her wife. This time, she's going to change things.

    If only she knew when Bon Bon was coming home.









    A Million Miles from Home by TooShyShy


    "The town of Ponyville doesn't exist."

    That's how this all started. That single matter-of-fact sentence is how this entire thing began. Because despite what the books say, despite what the maps say, despite what the princesses say, Ponyville does exist.

    Lyra remembers. Her memories of Ponyville run perpendicular to her memories of growing up in Canterlot. But of course nopony believes the crazy conspiracy mare.

    That's fine. Lyra doesn't need anypony to believe her. She just needs to find her way home.