• 20 More Awesome Lyra and Bonbon Fanfics To Read!

    Lyra and Bonbon fanfics have arrived! These are different from last year, so if your favorite isn't here, be sure to hit that post up.

    Thanks to Whisper Key for gathering them, now go get your reading done below!


    Slice of Life




    Music is the BEST! by Impossible Numbers


    Little Lyra Heartstrings, a filly born to odd parents, is not a Canterlot pony. She has neither status nor treasure, and she is a stranger to the strange city.

    Yet she has hope. For music makes possible what is impossible, and says what cannot be said.


    Lyra’s Journey by _Undefined_


    Lyra Heartstrings finally achieves her dream of traveling to the other world. In a new body, and living among a different species, she experiences new things and discovers what’s most important to her. But will she ever return home?


    Your Name by Zeck


    Sweetie Drops had a rough first day at school. Things get even worse when the other kids start picking on her, but salvation comes when a new filly enrolls in class and easily becomes the target of the teasing. So easily, in fact, that Sweetie Drops herself joins in.

    At first, Sweetie Drops is relieved to finally be left alone, but her mother's warning about teasing others--and her threat of taking away dessert for an entire month--rings in her ears. When she goes to apologize, she doesn't realize the event is actually the start of something much more important.


    Lyra's Human by pjabrony


    Lyra teleports a human to Equestria to learn more about their culture.









    Bon Bon dates a Seal by Violet CLM


    Bon Bon spent her time at the Ponyville Pet Center fundraiser having fun with a seal. This is their story.

    Check your disbelief at the door.


    Truth vs. Fiction by JasonTheHuman


    The April 1st chapter of Anthropology, which was temporarily posted in place of Chapter 18. I certainly was not going to let this masterpiece disappear forever.

    Everyone wanted to see what would happen if Lyra watched an episode of My Little Pony, so I took that concept and pushed it to its most logical conclusion.


    Lyra and Bon Bon Drive to Trotcon by Admiral Biscuit


    There's nothing more boring than being stuck at home while your friend Jeff goes off to a convention without you, so Lyra decides to do something about it. After all, Jeff left his van behind, and she's pretty confident that she knows how to drive.


    Lyra And Bonbon Private Investigators : The Case Of The Missing Muffins


    Lyra and Bonbon have opened a detective agency and are taking on their first case. What starts as a some missing muffins soon escalates. Now, it's up to these completely unlicensed non-professionals to solve the case. Oh, somepony also dies.


    Bon Bon is on Fire by WhatDidIJustRead


    Bon Bon is on fire. Local ponies do their part in trying to help the situation. Lyra is not pleased.


    Snowballs and Sweets by Karma22


    Bon Bon was just closing her shop on another cold winter day. But of course, in Ponyville, nothing is ever as calm or simple as they should be.

    A short, non-romantic story about the winter season, friends, and peace with your neighbors.

    Also snowballs. And a lot of them.


    Lyra and Bon Bon visit Wales by Admiral Biscuit


    After researching the Mirror Portal, Twilight has discovered countless other worlds and a simple spell to get ponies there. She offers Lyra the chance to visit a new nation called Wales. Can she and Bon Bon blend in for an entire day?









    Chill by FloydienSlip


    Lyra has always thought that humans are real, or were. When something crashes in the Everfree, she discovers that she is horribly right.


    The Disappearing Act by Flutterpriest


    Bonnie talks to a friend the time she needs it the most. Even if it's not a conversation she wanted to have. Or even a conversation she ever expected she would be having.


    The Last of Us by CanterlotGuardian


    A pony sits at a bus stop in Manehattan, trying to stay out of the pouring rain. Her thoughts consume her, though she is by no means oblivious to everypony else around her. If only she could see the warm eyes that look at her with pity, maybe she could try and find some help. But that may never happen. She's so lost in herself that she can't even see what she's got in front of her.

    The worst part is... It wasn't always like this.


    No Choice by Trick Question


    In the Academy, you learn that a spy's choice comes with great responsibility. When there's only one option available, it's much easier to act. You can work on instinct alone. You don't even need to think.

    Usually, that's a good thing. But for Special Agent Sweetie Drops, it's the dilemma.









    It's Witchcraft by Gruekiller


    Twilight Sparkle has, she is convinced, fallen under the effects of some bizarre hex. Why else would she be so captivated by a certain chartreuse lyre-player? Why else would her cheeks burn up every time she talks to Lyra Heartstrings? It must be some sort of magic. Right?

    ... Right?


    My True Self by _Undefined_


    This is the story of Bon Bon. How she grew up and what she did before she moved to Ponyville.

    This is also the story of how Bon Bon met Lyra Heartstrings. And how they quickly became the best of friends.

    Bon Bon and Lyra loved being best friends, but they both wished for more. If they only knew how the other truly felt…









    Morituri by Fenton


    My life as a monster hunter is behind me. Whether I like it or not, it’s over. I had no delusion it wouldn't come back to haunt me one day or another. But when it came it wasn't for me. It hit the pony I cherish the most, my special mint, Lyra.

    I tried many things to help her, many things, but in the end, it seems that the only one able to help is the last pony I want to see.

    My former employer and the eternal ruler of Equestria, Celestia.


    Night Mares by ObabScribbler


    Big ponies probably didn’t get lost at all. Especially not in the city. Especially not at night.

    Filly Bon-Bon often visits her grandmother in Manehattan. This year, she even gets to spend Nightmare Night there, and go trick-or-treating in the busiest city after Canterlot! Everything is going to be awesome!

    That is, until she gets lost in the back alleys of the busiest city after Canterlot and meets a couple of working mares...









    Lyra and the Little People by Not_A_Hat


    Lyra tells Bon-Bon about learning to play the harp, and being foalnapped by faeries.