• Top 5 Lyra and Bon Bon Moments

    So other than the underrated Derpy along with random call outs to fans of all different walks of life (Link pony, Big Lebowski ponies, Gordon Ramsey pony), there is no other background ponies that we play Pony Bingo with than this lovely couple. What started out as a “why is that pony sitting like that on a bench?” turned into a matchmade in heaven. I can’t say how much I love the creators for taking a random sighting in the background of two characters and gave them full on backstory and a romantic end to their appearance. And with them being channeled into the human world, we also get some good moment here, too. Maybe not as strange as dreaming that you’re both connected CatDog style, but still some great moments. It’s time to bring their backgrounds to center stage with a Top 5 Best Lyra and Bon Bon Moments to get ready for their big day.

    An Actual Fight in their ONE AND ONLY Starring Short

    There’s something nice about there being some disagreements with a couple. It shows their realism that not all things are perfect. Even if it’s fighting over who gets to be in the Friendship Games with limited spots open in the short "All’s Fair in Love and Friendship". I’ll say this, even when said that Canterlot High loses every year, I love that they’re still willing to volunteer and try out to support. That’s some school spirit. School spirit that made these two turn pretty vicious including a possible fight in bird costumes. Why they had them? I don’t question couples and their…interests. But this was a great moment of a fall out right before both making the team and moving on to the third movie. 

    Hanging out with other favorite couples

    So along with Lyra and Bon Bon, we also get a new same sex couple in Wiz Kid and Curly Winds that's only in the human world. And yeah I know they might be just “friends” and not have the same relationship that Lyra and Bon Bon have. But two things here. First, this shot is from the music video "Coinky Dink World" and the line Pinkie Pie sang when this scene comes up reads as follow:

    “You never know where you’ll find a best friend”

    Anybody remember the countless times Lyra and Bon Bon used the term “best friend” in Slice of Life? Yeah we were not buying that for a second. And second, just look at Curly Wind’s face. This is a boy who’s just smitten as he stares at Wiz Kid. Also gotta note this. Pinkie’s tray for their table has two drinks with one having two straw and the other having one straw. Not sure who might be sharing what, but just something to think about.

    The “Blink and You’ll Miss it” moments

    For two characters who will be on screen for less than 5 seconds, it’s always worth candid eyes finding them in the background. I wouldn’t even know if anyone could tell where these images are from based on this single shot. Quick answer: it's "Life is a Runway" music video and "Dashing Through the Mall" from the Holiday’s Unwrapped special. It’s just a few seconds and you see Lyra doing a quick “guess who” moment to surprise Bon Bon with a gift. You can always find something just so sweet and wholesome with these two and it makes finding them in the crowds all the more fun whether it’s here, working together in a snowball fight in Saving Pinkie’s Pie, or being magically dressed up in Life is a Runway music video.

    Even as a couple, they can be separate people, too

    While pointing out when they’re together is easy, what’s just as easy is pointing out when they’re not together. We really can’t help but question why Lyra would be in a scene with anyone other than Bon Bon and we really have to let that go. They’re not connected at the hip (not counting the dream sequence from Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep). Yes, they’re in the knitting club shown here, but you can point out the many times Lyra is hanging out with other people like in "Five Star". It makes them both able to give each other space, but when they’re on screen together, you can still feel the energy from their closeness.

    The Fandom’s Collective Heart Attack in Rainbow Rocks

    Yeah I would hope anybody that knows these two would know this would be Number 1. I know I said I wasn’t putting them in any order, but it’s Number 1 and always will be. I, along with the fans first watching Rainbow Rocks, probably had a collecting fangasm at this very moment. Not only do we get to see Lyra and Bon Bon together, but…more…together. This was put in a kid’s show mind you. These bedroom eyes were for a kid’s show. I feel bad they had to get blown out of the water by Trixie, but not many people were ready for the elegance of a piano duet. Or for this scene to make every shipper around the globe have a nose bleed.

    What started as some moment in time and a frame in a random episode turned into a saga secretly following the times of two ponies with a special connection. Maybe it was the style of the characters or seeing Lyra sitting like no other pony should be sitting. But it shows that the creators really did look at a lot of the fandom stuff and what we make up out of all the characters even if they’re not main or secondary or constantly changing voice actors for a line or two. Then Slice of Life happened and the love for these two grew through all the secrets, lies and park benches sat on. Bon Bon’s canon name is Sweetie Drops and both names are now canon. And I couldn’t imagine a better ending for them then seeing the proposal and their rock solid marriage, of course, in the background. I’m Penny Wrights and I think I need to sit on more park benches. I need a soul mate, too.