• 25 Fanfics to Read for Lyra and Bonbon Day!

    Bonbon prints out her fanfics to read. I wonder how many people in the fandom do that? I haven't had a printer in at least a decade.

    These are only new fanfics. For older stuff, hit last year's post. Get a bunch of fanfics below!

    Slice of Life

    dasher by The Red Parade
    Sometimes, it takes little moments and chance meetings to feel warm again.

    Half! by Estee
    In many ways, Bon-Bon and Lyra consider themselves to be exceptionally lucky ponies: after all, they have each other. They also have a place in Ponyville's society, paying careers, and regularly-scheduled days during which they both actively consider divorce as a prelude to wildly galloping through what would ideally become the smoking ruins of the former society. Because when you own a candy shop, it's never the holiday. It's the day after.
    And when a married couple has been avoiding a discussion about something real, it's everything.

    Equestrian Fanfiction by Lise
    Falling in love with the mythological book series Midnight Castle, Lyra Heartstrings has created her very own fan fiction site, a home to all that enjoy reading and writing human fiction.
    This is the life and times of that site.

    Home by Cackling Moron
    Humans often pass through Equestria on their way to worlds unknown, maintaining cordial relations with the locals. One has chosen to live in Ponyville. Lyra worries about him when he's not there, and is happy when he comes back.
    This particular human rather likes it in Ponyville. Indeed, he rather likes being away from Earth in general. Though he doesn't like to talk about it.

    Lyra Grabbed a Box by Pascal
    Lyra and Bon Bon are working in a warehouse, but Lyra quickly wonders if there's more going on than meets the eye.
    Based on a true story.


    An Unfortunate Daily Occurrence by little big pony
    Sometimes a perfectly good Thursday afternoon is ruined by an otherworldly suitor. Sometimes that suitor is egged on by the love of your life. Bonbon has gotten used to it.

    Lyra Blew A Fuse by PassionQuill
    Bon Bon has to take Lyra to the hospital to figure out what's wrong with her marefriend. She just won't stop making mouth farts! She's unresponsive to everypony and everything around her, and Bonnie just doesn't know what to do. The answer to her question is weirder than what she had original expected.

    Harpflank and Sweets: Season 1 by RTStephens
    From the Canterlot Vaults comes newly found and remastered episodes of everypony's favorite dynamic duo. Experience the action all over again as Luna's forces close in on the helpless citizens of Metropony with only Harpflank and Sweets standing in Her way! Watch as these classic stories come to you in all their Rainbow-Ray glory!

    Exotic Goods by FanOfMostEverything
    Even when Twilight caught up with her Canterlot friends, she managed to forget one of them. Now Lyra Heartstrings has the perfect opportunity to correct that oversight. The enormous, mysterious artifact from beyond known time and space is really just a bonus.

    Fake My Death by Flutterpriest
    Anon is called by Lyra for an extreme emergency. She has to die. Right now. But not for real. Just so she doesn't have to pay taxes.

    Robot-Lyra-Attack! by Blue Print
    Lyra becomes madly twisted by science and Nietzsche's philosophies! Her rampage upsets small business in Ponyville! It's up to Alicorn AJ to save the day!
    This is a (nonsense) side story to The Assumption of Applejack -or- Appletheosis. It's set five years after the events of that story. In an alternate reality. In a dream. Induced by fever. Or something.


    Symphony for Moon and Sun by GrassAndClouds2
    Octavia Philharmonica has betrayed her friends and allied with the corrupt nobles of Luna's Court, but her usefulness is at an end. After a discovered attempt to redeem herself and save her friends from the politicians, she finds herself compelled to play the infamous Symphony for Moon and Sun -- a piece from which no musician's career has ever escaped intact. Princess Luna hates the piece and shuns anypony who dares play it, and no venue will host a pony shunned by the princess of Equestria. In her desperate straits, her only hope is the aid of her former student Lyra Heartstrings... but not only is Lyra still feeling the effects of Octavia's betrayal, but Octavia isn't even sure that she deserves the help. Can Lyra get through to her former teacher and help her survive the most important performance of her career? Or will both of them find their careers crashing to a premature end?
    Lunaverse story.

    Tomorrow Never Knows by DeiStar
    Tired of doing the same thing every day, Nurse Redheart finally decides to quit her job. However, she is requested to take care of one last patient. Soon, Redheart will learn that a new day isn't always like the last one. Redheart will learn that Tomorrow Never Knows.

    Harpflank and Sweets: Interval by Arcainum
    Lyra has been missing for days, and Bon-Bon is getting worried. But what if Lyra's exile is self-imposed? And what if she doesn't want Bon-Bon's help? Perhaps the answer lies in the story of the most important day of Lyra's life...

    The Game of Immortality by ChaoticHarmony
    Ponies find themselves going throughout life wishing for a different age. When they are young, the yearn to be just a little bit older, and when they grow old, they wish for the opposite. Life is just a game of age. But for a few ponies who are gifted with special Cutie Marks, their life becomes a game of immortality.

    A Spell for Lyra by Kolwynia
    Twilight Sparkle writes an important letter about how she became friends with Lyra the unicorn, a mistake she made, its terrible consequence, and one of friendship’s hardest lessons.

    Secrets And Lies by Masterweaver
    You have to believe me--
    Wait, that makes me sound crazy. Okay, starting over. Hi, I'm Lyra Heartstrings, totally ordinary unicorn. I've stumbled onto an ancient conspiracy, and I need to get this documentation published because it outlines what's really going on.
    Fine, publish it as fiction, I don't care! The point is to get it out where everypony can see it!
    Look, I don't care how much it's going to cost, I will rob a bank if I have to, but this can't be hidden any longer. I thought humans were long gone. I was wrong. I need to warn everypony, no, everybody, and if that means I have to sound like some crazy conspiracy theorist then so be it!

    Author by Kobalstromo
    "Words - so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them."
    ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

    Humans Don't Have Wings by billymorph
    Lyra’s hunt for the supernatural in Ponyville continues unabated, and this week the object of her desire is not changelings, nor sea-ponies, but the rare and secretive human. With the help of her plucky (and irritable) assistant Rainbow Dash, Lyra is sure that this time she’s going to get to the bottom of a real mystery. However, the real question is why does Rainbow Dash hate humans?

    Mother by A Hoof-ful of Dust
    Lyra dreams.

    Please, Count to Five by Magello
    "After all these many years, Lyra finally convinces Twilight Sparkle to teach her the most powerful summoning spell in all of Equestria. With this knowledge, she plans to summon the mythical creatures known as 'humans' to her world. Little does she know that her world is about to irrevocably change."
    He looked at the other man. "How was that?"
    The other man nodded. "It will suffice."

    Unfamiliar Skin by darf
    I've arrived. I can only faintly hear the hive. Mother's voice is gone from my ears. But I know I have a purpose—I just can't remember what it is.

    Dice of Life by Emperor
    Trixie never defeated an Ursa Major, and yet bragged about doing just that. But then, she never needed to make such a claim. She just wasn’t allowed to talk about the even bigger beast that she had once captured. After all, Princess Celestia had demanded complete deniability.
    After being chased away from Ponyville, sulking in a foul mood while it's raining out, she reunites with a friend from her past, as two members of Canterlot's old monster-hunting agency meet again.


    Bon-Bon the Demon Slayer by ObabScribbler
    “In every generation there is a chosen one. One mare who will stand against the demons, the monsters and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.”
    Bon-Bon never asked to be a monster-killing secret warrior of the night. It's a lonely life in which she cannot afford to get close to ponies. After previous losses took their toll, she has closed off her heart and dedicated herself to never letting herself love anypony ever again.
    Then she is sent to Ponyville.
    Then Twilight Sparkle is sent there too.
    Then Princess Luna returns from the moon.
    Not to mention that darn unicorn neighbour Lyra won’t leave her alone.
    And suddenly everything becomes much more complicated.


    An Alien Walks Amongst Us by Hazardus_Havard
    Lyra, a simple pony with simple dreams. Dreams involving aliens, that is. Her fascination with them even got her a job dealing with them, though no one takes it seriously. Lyra hopes to one day be able to meet one, she just needs to believe.
    In comes a human, whom mysteriously gets transported to Equestria. It's up to Lyra to show the alien the ways of her people! The power of friendship, magic, and hugs await her on this strange adventure.