• Time for the Odd Couple - Lyra and Bonbon Day Begins!

    You know, isn't it interesting? A lot of our ponies seem to come in dynamic duos: Lyra and Bonbon, Doctor Whooves and Derpy, Luna and Celestia, Vinyl and Octavi, Spike and Twilight... Seems to be a recurring theme in the show and fanon. Which brings us to celebrating another awesome duo today as Lyra and Bonbon Day begins!

    As usual with our appreciation days you can expect to see a number of Lyra and Bonbon posts throughout the day among the normal posts we have. Of course if you haven't been able to submit fo Lyra and Bonbon Day you still have till 12pm PST to submit to submit@equestriadaily.com with Lyra and Bonbon Day in the subject line followed by the type of media you are submitting.

    Example: Lyra and Bonbon Day Comics

    We hope you all enjoy and have a fantastic day!

    Twitter: Calpain