• Album: Burning Gryphon - Ponies After Midnight [Punk Rock]

    Burning Gryphon is sharing with the community a labor of love and powerhouse of an album, featuring Punk Rock bangers! You've got the energy and signature vocal style in them, and there's some more laid-back ones too! The vocals are sung in Russian so it's too bad I can't understand what the lyrics say, but I'm sure the musician must have put a lot of care and thought into them!

    Check out the video of the full album embedded below the break!


    *looks at the title of the album again*

    To think of it, if this album contained explicit or lyrics or themes or otherwise needing a warning, I wouldn't even be able to know, because I can't understand Russian! So in the event of it being the case, forgive me for no warning, and if there are some Russian bronies here who would notice it, do let me know in the comments!