• Fluttermusic: Koron Korak - A Moment of Peace [Zouk/World Music]

    Everypony rejoice, for Koron released a new original song!! Koron is one of the most passionate bronies I know and also a great friend of mine, and he's always spreading so much Equestrian spirit, so I can't recommend his stuff enough. Here we've got a new experiment in the direction of Zouk (a musical genre I didn't know if before), lovingly made for a friend! The result sounds more "forest-like" than "island-like", but like Koron said, it ends up being very fitting for Flutter too! I'm excited imagining other musical ventures by the musician in this direction, which sounds awesome!! But for now, please enjoy the lovely melodies and the World Music vibes transporting you to comforting, beautiful places!