• More Pony Music! Show the World the Power of Music Bronies!

    Time for a new roundup of the other pony music that came out if you didn't get your fill with the solo posts! Stunning music, lovely inspirations and messages, emotional instrumentals... And musical reactions to the G5 movie that just keep coming!! Huzzah!

    1. WRETCHED - Something Sweet To Bite VIP

    Vocal - Deathstep

    A track made in 2019, it's dark, it's gritty, and it has pony vocal samples!

    Find the song on YouTube here! (slightly grimdark thumbnail warning)

    2. Evershade - Come Along With Me

    Vocal - Hyperpop

    Evershade made this in March of this year after we got the first info about G5, and you will be able to judge for yourself if it aged well or not!

    3. Frozen Night - The Siege of Kyrinia

    Instrumental - Epic Orchestral

    Frozen's story-centered progressive and epic piece from May got a YouTube release!

    4. Honest - Forever Be Background

    Instrumental - Piano Solo

    A heartfelt piece inspired by the popular fanfic Background Pony!

    5. Whirlwind - Gonna Be My Day (Drum Cover)

    Vocal - Drum Cover

    Whirlwind aces a new drum cover, spreading some love for the movie at the same time!


    Instrumental - Alternative Electronic

    CAPT is back with a new music release! Inspired by that cute fanart featured in the video, he made this tender and lovely piece!

    7. Honest - Another One Shadow

    Instrumental - Dark Ambient

    Eerie and mysterious, this other recent release from Honest will take you in its atmosphere powered by heartbeat-like drums and dark choirs!

    8. RareRhyme - Show the World

    Vocal - Hip Hop

    Rare's own song inspired by the G5 movie, spreading new messages of Harmony in such a cool way!!

    9. Wandering Artist - Pony Town Market Update

    Instrumental - Soundtrack

    You may have heard the news of the recent update of the market in Pony Town, well the composer of the OST of the game released the new soundtrack made for it as well!

    Download the OST Update from Bandcamp here!

    10. Synthis - Floating

    Vocal - Future Pop

    Can I put "Synthis" on the genre? Yes the musical god is back, with a new song filled with that distinct emotion that you can find on his music, with those signature dreamy vocals and emotional melodies in the background!!

    11. Gonna Be My Day (Rod Steven Remix)

    Vocal - Eurobeat

    Rod shared with the community a new MLP remix for the occasion of the G5 movie, delivering all the appreciated Eurobeat greatness!


    Avril Lavigne - Complicated (Cover by Twilight)

    Tartarus Music - Glowin' Up (Piano Transcription/Arrangement for Synthesia)

    Gonna Be My Day x Physical (Mashup)

    TC - Gonna Be My Day (Vocal Cover)

    TC - I'm Looking Out For You (Vocal Cover)

    Bolt LIVE @ Pony5est/PonyFest Online 5 (2021)!

    Rock Fox - 100% Brony Classics @ Ponyfest 5!

    I'm Looking Out For You - Synthesia [Piano Tutorial]

    Also, I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Rock Fox as part of his "Brony Music History" podcast, apparently I've been suggested to him! I'm talking about my feelings about fan works and my involvement in the community sharing them, not only on EQD but also on Horse Music Herald, Cider Party, and my own project Pony Family. I'm also talking about how I try to change the world by spreading kindness and the values from the show! And at one point in the video I'm showing one of my "pony walls", filled with handmade posters! (All of the walls in my room are actually filled with posters and there's not a single empty space left lol.)

    If you're interested in checking it out, find the video on YouTube here!

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!