• New My Little Pony: A New Generation Storyboards Released by Rohana Mentz, Including ALTERNATE Ending

    Storyboards for scenes we've already seen might be a little minor in the grand scheme of pony concepts, but it's still need to see how early drafts of them played out. We've got another board artist posting a list over on instagram. A few of these are new, but most are from regular parts of the movie. Check it out below!


    Update: TONS more on their website! Click each section on this page for a full list of scenes from that part. This is where some of the new stuff is. There are screenshots down below of some of the big bits like alternate endings and slightly altered scenes.

    From Rohana M. on Instagram.

    Cut scenes and alternate ending:

    This version of Sunny's transformation is a bit more drawn out and dramatic and gives off some Sailor Moon vibes, which I loved actually.

    What I like about this ending as well is that Sprout gets a bit of a slap on the wrist instead of being completely let go despite the destruction he caused.


    After the showdown at the lighthouse, things seem hopeless but Sunny realizes something important.


    There have been a few little Story changes along the process and in this version, the unicorns had a sacred stone obelisk which their gemstone was a part of, it collapsed when Sunny and the gang tried to take the gemstone away and fled from Bridlewood. In this ending, they are all mending it together with their newly gained magic.

    This little sequence is quite different from the final version.

    Here, Alphabittle was the blind sage of the Unicorns, living in a cave on the outskirts of Bridlewood. After their failed attempt to unite the crystals, Sunny and Hitch leave and the others seek shelter at Alpha's cave.

    Hitch understands how important this mission is and wants to help.

    This sequence almost stayed  the same, the kids play up in the tower while Argyle works on his lantern

    Argyle and Sunny send a message into the sky.

    Beats of the gang travelling together

    Thanks to Pipp Petals for the heads up!
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