• Interesting Head Shape And Other Design Points From My Little Pony: A New Generation, Plus Zipp Model

    Borja L-Galiano on Instagram has posted up a Zipp case study that also includes a few slides about the overall design of Earth ponies heads, pointing out how Sunny's is more rounded than the other races. It includes expressions and different angles of the uncolored Zipp model. This follows the Sunny one we got a few days ago.

    Heead on down below to check it all out!

    Update: Added colorkeys(?) from the first Zipp scene!

    Blurb from Instagram:


    We continue with Zipp!! Awesome character I had the chance to travel with from the design board to the final shots.Again this is a team result with many departments and people involved. She was very interesting to create and do different from Sunny but in the same MLP style, giving the Pegasi their own shapes and lenguage. I will share with you some of those notes and design decisions, let me know if that is interesting and I will create more. You will see also @jonatancatalan render we work together at a really early stage of the character. I hope you like it. And thanks for all the kind comments on Sunny previous post

    Colorkeys for the Zipp scene from Pablo on Instagram.

    Thanks to OrangeFlower for the heads up!