• My Little Pony: Friendships is Magic Comic #99 Solicit Revealed - Title, Synopsis, Artist, Writer

    The 99th installment of the main series comics is now revealed in today's IDW comic solicits! We have Marble Pie expansion, which is something I know I'm not the only one wishing we saw something out of. Someone needs to love that adorable little mare!

    This one releases in June. Get the infos on it below!

    Writer: Thom Zahler 

    Artist: Robin Easter 

    Synopsis: Marble Pie is off to college! It seems like the only pony fit for the job of planning her going away party would be the fabulous Pinkie Pie herself-but Pinkie's having a bit of trouble feeling happy about her sister heading so far away... looks like she's going to need a little help from Cheese Sandwich to plan the bestest party ever!