• My Little Pony / Transformers "The Magic of Cybertron" Comic #3 Solicit Revealed - Title, Synopsis, Artist, Writer

    The third Transformers "Magic of Cybertron" comic has been revealed, continuing the story from the last two preceeding it. We also have the new cover up above. They seem to be swapping from the basic "Friendship in Disguise II" to that new title on the front, which we've also seen used in the trade paperback.

    This one releases some time in June, so get your giant robot loving eyes ready for more shenanigans in this crazy storyline!

    Get the info below.

    Writer: James Asmus / Tony Fleecs 

    Artist: Priscilla Tramontano 

    Cover Artist: Tony Fleecs 

    Synopsis: Sombra's evil plans continue to spell trouble for our unlikely heroes! Meanwhile, Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, and Soundwave have to figure out how to work together-what could possibly go wrong?!