• Equestria Girls Holidays Unwrapped: The Cider Louse Fools Follow Up


    If there’s one thing that doesn’t go out of style and lasts all year around, it’s swindling. And this short gave us some hardcore Oceans Eleven vibes. Or even Sparkle’s Seven from Season 9 of the show. You got planning, digging, switching, two favorite characters and anything you need in a heist movie. Wow. First the war movie tropes and now a heist movie trope. I hope we tackle some form of spy movie next week. If I had to give this short a moral, it would be to trust your friends when you know they can outsmart anybody. Either that or maybe call the police more since you have two guys constantly stealing property from you. Let’s take a look and see how Applejack and Twilight learn how to hustle. 


    Thanks for the exposition dump Twilight, but I think I got it from here. So the Apple Family’s Holiday party consists of making and drinking cider, which I am always down for. Still wondering if this also includes some alcoholic cider for Granny Smith and any adults that can be at the party. But I do like that we get more of the Apple Family in this world. It’s not like we already don’t know them, but still. Getting to watch these specific designs are always fun.


    Ok so in this case, yeah, what the Flim Flam Bros are doing is criminal. They stole ladders, which is used for their apples business (if it’s technically a business since it’s never really clear in the EqG series) just so they couldn’t even pick the apples for the cider. Kind of counter-productive, but maybe just a trolling move? 


    They really didn’t have to go through the motions of this bonding montage with the Flim Flam Bros giving Apple Bloom a pet worm, but it’s just so cute and Apple Bloom really looked like she enjoyed having a small pet of her own. Too bad this was used for such malice. 


    See what I mean? And I have no idea if this is how worms really work. They kind of just said that Apple Bloom’s pet brought all the other worms and they ate up all the apples. So through all the stories, it seems they just want to make sure the Apple Family can’t have their cider, but isn’t really taking it to drink for themselves like what tried to happen here. Not entirely like their first appearance in the “Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000” where they try to take business away from the Apples, but I guess not too far off.


    Twilight: “And to think bowties used to be a sign of integrity that only cool people wore.”

    Applejack: “Oh honey. You’re thinking of bolo ties.”

    Can someone call Rarity because I really wouldn’t know which would be better in this case. Bowties can have this aura of class and sophistication while bolo ties have this rustic charm that can have a lot of personality in them. I’m open to you guys doing a Google search and see which type of tie you like better. I had to look up what bolo ties were and I can see why Applejack likes it. 


    Of course Twilight would be all in for helping her friend and coming up with a strategy to get back at those swindlers. I guess if you did pause here to look at her board, you could probably predict what might happen, but I never did until having to re-watch for this Follow Up. And even now, I can still barely understand what’s going on. But it looks like it’s montage time so let’s check out some of the preparations. 


    Looks like Apple Bloom has increased her net worth with this trick (I’m sorry). But this is a pretty fun idea with using a Jack In The Box trap for a large fishing net. Now if only she can get it in the box without having to be the catch of the day (last one I promise).


    Ok I know this pause was taken a little bit out of context. Anyway, this is a pretty smart idea to make sure than not even the person doing the work of digging the hole knows where the location is. It’s complete undeniability and with only the other person who blindfolded you knowing anything. I think Applejack is also taking this moment out of context. 


    Well I can’t say I see any faults in this plan. The Flim Flam Bros trying to trade something for the cider, playing along and giving them some salt and pepper water while hiding the cider in that trunk. My only raised eyebrow moment is the fact that why would anybody give up a rare giant diamond for a jug of apple cider? I mean I know gems are used in the pony world for currency instead of bits (still don’t understand how that works), but even for the victim, wouldn’t they think it odd that they’d want to part with a diamond over something you could get at the grocery store for $3? It’s like the Flim Flam Bros knew they would take the deal since they knew they were gonna get tricked by the Apple Family. 

    Ok I really am curious about this. How in the wide, wide world did these con artists become so popular with the fans? I can see it being the twin factor along with them being so sneaky you love to hate them, but sweet Luna they have way too much swagger to be this way. The lighting and shadows to show that they’re here and that their presence is a threat would usually be used for someone doing you harm, not pulling a prank.

    Ok I think I understand it now. They’re Sailor Moon and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures villains. The flare, the dramatic ego, and the bright background and synchronized posing. They are the Saturday Morning cartoons of villain. Not here to take over the world but here to have a good time while causing someone else a bad time.


    Well it looks like the plan went off without a hitch. The Flim Flam Bros took home some salt and pepper water and they get to keep their cider locked away. And I know this probably isn’t really anything big, but I randomly re-watched “Brotherhoof Social” and now seeing Apple Bloom and Big Mac just hugging with so much joy is just too sweet for me. Truly a perfect moment.

    Ok maybe we spoke too soon. Looks like those boys got the drop on them about where the real cider was hidden. Even to the point of using a tunnel to get to it inside their garage. Ok that’s also property damage. Call the police already.


    Ok so it seems these tunnels were dug by Twilight…somehow. I’ll chalk it up to magic since I don’t think she has the arm strength to dig through concrete. And Twilight even says the boys would find the tunnel and use them to get to the real cider in the chest. And before they can get away with it, they’ll get caught in that net trap Apple Bloom set up. Sounds legit.


    Ok or maybe they saw that coming and now wants to bag an apple. That wasn’t a pun. I think that’s just what’s happening now. Can’t believe that all backfired and they got the drop on the Apples…again. How many times am I gonna have to repeat this?


    Ok we can legit call this assault now. Call the police. There’s even a teacher in the net. You think you can do this to people and not get arrested for assault? Or even trespassing on the Apple’s farm? But the party guest seem pretty fine with this. Almost…too fine. Is it just me or is Sandlewood looking a little…flat?


    Ok…you literally have your villains dabbing on their haters. I can see the point in absolutely loathing these two. Giving back the pepper water while they walk away with the cider is just messed up, but this. This has gone too far!


    So if you didn’t notice before, this show loves its anime references and this had to be the most blatant one yet. Twilight’s glasses with no eyes was no animation error, my friends. This was the moment of genius. The glare on the glasses only happens when a character’s scheme or idea has worked and we get to see how that happens.


    So not one person of the Apple Family wondered why everyone wasn’t talking or moving from that spot, not even to get out of the net? Apple Bloom, two of these guests are you best friends and you didn’t wonder why they didn’t come over to talk to you or anything? Apple Bloom even made a comment that nobody was talking to each other and just shrugged it off. Though these were some good cutouts. Until the net is shot onto them, they looked real. Except that they would usually animate something with background characters.

    (Editor’s Note: Smug Twilight is best Twilight)


    Most convenient stickers in the world. So I did re-watched the short just to understand where the real cider was and the whole time the Flim Flam Bros had it in their hands. Best quadruple cross ever! So what was locked in the trunk was the salt and pepper water and the Flim Flam Bros took it with them instead.


    Yep. This is Tabitha St. Germain at her best and scariest. I might need to re-read her bio again to see if she’s done some evil witch voice acting in the past because Granny Smith’s laugh here was just down right diabolical.


    Yep. She did. I love Tabitha St. Germain and anybody that knows who this is.


    The only downside is that we don’t get to see the looks on the Flim Flam Bros face when they get a big gulp of salt and pepper water and maybe shake their fists in the sky shouting “WE’VE BEEN HAD!!!” But I like this ending with them having a good laugh at the sheer brilliance of this plan coming together. 

    And that was The Cider Louse Fools, an amazing and fun short with twists and turns that warrants a re-watching just to see how it all went down. I had way too much fun writing this than I did watching it just so I can analyze every bit of the background, the set up, and the results. Maybe the only flaw I have is that Big Mac didn’t really do or say much. He literally didn’t have a single line compared to Apple Bloom who had a whole montage of her and a pet worm. Even the moments with Granny Smith were funny and that last shot of her just laughing made this plan so worth it. It’s a small knit pick, but it really doesn’t take away from the satisfaction of the girls getting back at those bamboozlers. I’m Penny Wrights and I have some apple cider to buy.

    (Editor’s Note: Apple cider is better than pumpkin spice)