• More Pony Music! Brony Rap, Rarity, 15.ai, Remixes, Night Music!

    Come check out the other releases in the pony music scene! And bonuses and mixes at the end of the post!

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    1. Rubber - The Old Days (feat. Skullbuster)

    Vocal - Hip Hop

    Rubber and Skullbuster rapping about The Old Days, with tasty underground Hip Hop vibes!

    (strong language warning)

    2. Violin Melody - Hope (Nicolas Dominique Remix)

    Instrumental - Trance

    Nicolas' remix of Violin's track is certainly extending the beauty of the original messages musically!

    3. Ponytronic - Frostbitten Beauty

    Instrumental - Drumstep

    Rarity and snow are amazing together, don't you think? I think it might have something to do with the purity and beauty of her white coat, added to the natural white of the snow...

    4. Daniel Ingram - The Magic of Friendship Grows (Julia Remix)

    Instrumental - Electronic

    Some interesting and creative vocal chopping in this remix from Julia on Vimeo!

    Listen to the remix on Vimeo from here.

    5. Stallionslaughter - Wincest (feat. Wubcake) (Album Version)

    Vocal - Metal

    I just gotta share thos new "Album Version" of the epic collab! I'm not sure if the original was posted on EQD, so this is a good chance to share it!

    (gore imagery and strong language warning)

    Listen to the song from YouTube here.

    6. Rusty Thorsell - The Fallwalk

    Vocal - Indie Pop

    Rusty definitely did good to release this track made for last Halloween along with some cute pony art!

    7. To Smile! - Daddy Discord (Covering Sand Josieph)

    Vocal - Electro Folk

    To Smile/Rinnie's own cover of Daddy Discord! The bass is such a bliss, and the mad atmosphere is so perfect!

    8. Rubber & Nevermourn - Cider (feat. ItsJustAustin)

    Vocal - Hip Hop

    Getting drunk with cider during your birthday FTW!

    9. TheBluishPony - Wub Wubs

    Vocal - Electro

    Pony vocals generated with the help of 15.ai, sick wub-wubz... what more can you ask?

    10. Darksoma - Reluctant Wandering (Lore Edition)

    Vocal - Soundtrack

    Complete with story-telling in the intro and outro, this "Lore Edition" from the Liam & Darksun (Universe Soundtrack) Final Edition album has Liam/Darksoma's musical style all over and reflects a lot of thought about the story!

    11. SmD House - Night Dilirium

    Instrumental - Chillout

    Sweet PIRL and starry sounds in this new release from SmD House! Listening to this feels like exploring a grassy meadow at night, and at 2:16 you enter a Decaying Monastery resting in the middle of the field...


    Technickel Ted - Burning Mare Set

    Sound Bandit "Live" @ Burning Mare NYE 2021

    Prowox @ Burning Mare NYE 2021: Like Clockwork

    Tw3Lv3 - Burning Mare NYE Set

    100pone - hoof crushed by a spectacle (Mashup)

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