• Equestria Girls: Twilight Under The Stars Episode Follow Up

    If there was one Equestria Girls media that absolutely reeked of “notice me senpai” vibes, it would be Sunset Shimmer in Rainbow Rocks. But this would be a close second. There’s no feeling greater than meeting a role model or someone you look up to. What’s even better is when a friend can help you to loosen up to meet them and not go completely brain dead. At least with this short, we get more nervous and cute Twilight trying to meet someone she admires at a party. If I were to give a moral, it would be to always let your friends have your back and even when meeting someone famous or someone that you look up to, it’s best to still treat them like a human being. Either that or hire Pinkie Pie as best wingman for any parties or clubbing events. She can really bring the people together. So let’s take a look at some adorkable SciTwi and how she meets…Tara Strong.


    So we get another exposition sentence of Pinkie Pie helping to organize a celestial organization party. Pinkie seems to always have her hands in some form of party planning and it’s strange how thanking her for organizing is usually the expositional sentence. This happened with episodes like Party Pooped and The Mane Attraction. I’m glad we also get some Sunset with Flash and Timber in the corner. Maybe planning a double date? Put the pitchforks down guys. It’s a joke…possibly.


    So Twilight’s favorite astrophysicist Rosette Nebula will be at this gathering and of course Twilight can’t help but fan girl about meeting her. And just to get more meta with this short, she’s voiced by Tara Strong, who’s also voicing Twilight. So Tara Strong is excited over meeting Tara Strong. I love it even if it’s really cheesy to think about.

    I gotta give Pinkie some multi-tasking credit here. Not only is she gonna try and help Twilight meet her idol, but she’s also gonna make sure the party is going well and everyone is having fun. The girl has some great priorities for strategizing. 


    That is until she starts screaming in my face and shaking the camera to transition to the next scene. Pinkie Pie I’m being nice here. Don’t break the viewers.


    Pushing your friend over to someone they want to meet? Good idea. Putting a balloon hat on that friend from some unknown dimensional portal in the sky when trying to talk to their idol? Not so good idea. I’m sure in a different setting and with a different person…yeah I tried. I don’t see this working out too well.

    I don’t know why it seems Pinkie can’t communicate with her pony self about knowing the right place and time for a party cannon. A nice dressy gathering with renowned scientists and supporters of astro studies would probably not be the best place to put a party cannon on your snack table.


    Maybe not also douse your friend in confetti when trying to meet their role model. Glasses: they really are nature’s goggles. I can’t imagine the pain of all this glitter and confetti going straight at my face.


    Yes I had to get this shot of Derpy and Bulk together like this just because her outfit is super cute and I ship this harder than the Flying Dutchman’s ship. I also like that Timber, regardless of not having any lines in this short, is still supportive of Twilight and wanting to help her feel a little bit better about the situation. Twilight at least knows Pinkie Pie means well and wanting to break the ice, but there might be some things a balloon hat shaped like Gummy the alligator can’t fix.


    I don’t know what atomic chocolate cake is, but I think I need it in my life. Atomic can mean a variety of things. I see it used for spicy food or sauces and I’ve heard of combining hot peppers with chocolate before. But I’m pretty sure Pinkie, the pony who drowned a cupcake in hot sauce in the very first episode of the show, would know that some people don’t always put spice in their sweets. But for this event, I’m sure it just means a gallon of chocolate. 


    Voiceless and the best support in this short. Timber Spruce is honestly a great and helpful character. And just seeing Pinkie beam at the sight of this is just too precious. But leave it to Twilight to get excited about the brain’s effect on chocolate. Usually I see a different reaction when it comes to chocolate, but intellectual conversations are new to me. 


    The amount of smug on Pinkie’s face is so great. Just this “I told you so” moment leaving Twilight a bit jaw dropped. And Rosette is actually a really nice person who I can tell appreciates a bright mind and similar tastes in eye wear.

    Pinkie: “Senpai noticed her.”

    Pinkie is truly a great wing man and this gift can be dangerous if bring together the wrong people. Words and cake are very powerful things here. But I’m glad Twilight seems to finally talk to her role model and Pinkie Pie threw a grand party, if not a bit disruptive. But if I was the party planner, I’d probably do whatever I wanted, too.

    And that was Twilight Under The Stars, a pretty good short with some great support from Pinkie and even Timber. I can truly relate to how Twilight was feeling here. It’s hard to admire someone famous or with a higher standing and think the world of them and their work. I can confess she’s braver than me when I’m just pressing buttons just to share my videos with other content creators. But with Pinkie being a great push for her to speak up, it brings me to the friends who push me to share my content more as well. I can reluctantly say friendship is magic and can make you push to do great things. I’m Penny Wrights and I have some cake to buy to bribe people to notice me.